Mom – AKA Nurse and Comforter

By Shannon Gosney
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February 15, 2010

When I was growing up, I was pampered whenever I was sick.  If I had to go to doctor for shots, we’d get milkshakes afterwards.  If I had pink eye, my mom or stepmom would lovingly put those nasty drops into my eye.  When I had earaches, I would be held and comforted.  When I had the flu, I’d be set up with chicken noodle soup (or broth), saltine crackers, and gatorade.  I was hooked up!

Now I’m the mom and it’s my turn to be the one to make the chicken noodle soup, serve the gatorade, put the nasty eye drops in the eye, and comfort my little guys.  It can be challenging sometimes, especially when there is no immediate way to relieve the discomfort.  It’s amazing how far a hug, kiss, and lullaby will go in these instances.

There are birthday parties we’ve missed or Girl’s Nights Out I’ve missed, but I don’t regret it.  My husband would offer to take care of the sick kids, but I wanted to be there with them in case anything went wrong (or I had to be the vomit catcher – lol).  I’m thankful for my kids, whether they are healthy or feeling sick.  I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to be able to stay home with them.

As a mom, it’s important to me that I choose medications that are safe for my children to take.  I love the homeopathic medicines, such as Similasan.  I purchased the Pink Eye medicine for myself when I was sick in California and it worked amazingly!  We all know that Pink Eye is no fun (especially when you as the mom have it).  I was definitely impressed with it and would not hesitate to use their products in the future.  I also like that their products are homeopathic.

Right now, visit Similasan oline and enter to win a $500 gift card!  The contest ends on March 28th, 2010 and you can submit as many pictures as you’d like!

Similasan and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post, and they asked me to talk about the things I’ve missed because of kid-illnesses, and to mention this sweet contest! 

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3 Responses to “Mom – AKA Nurse and Comforter”

  1. Kayla says:

    This is so true-My mum still takes care of me when I’m sick which I both appreciate and feel guilty for. Lol

  2. Mom is still the best when the kiddos are sick… my favorite line “or I had to be the vomit catcher – lol” — why do we always have to do that? I have used the Similasan products on the advice of a pharmacist I worked for and was also very pleased.
    Thanks for the link to the contest, we could all use extra cash now and again.

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