Monday Mingle….Triple Play!

By Shannon Gosney
In Lifestyle
December 6, 2009

Jennifer (aka Speedy) at Eighty MPH Mom started a fun meme called Monday Mingle, where you get to VLOG (woo hoo!) – LOL!

16 bloggers and their families were invited to Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA this weekend, and 3 of us just happened to be participants in Monday Mingle, so we decided to do ours together.Β  Thanks to Erin and her hubby for using their camera πŸ™‚

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18 Responses to “Monday Mingle….Triple Play!”

  1. Angel says:

    looks like ya’llhad a blast I would love a getaway to anywhere. I would even take a campground at this point lol.

  2. gosfam says:

    Love the video–wish I could have been partying with you gals!!

  3. i think this sounded like so much fun! i am glad you girls got to go!
    Where is Wolf Lodge anyway?

  4. Natalie A. says:

    Looks like alot of fun!

  5. Carrie says:

    You gals are hilarious! In a good way, of course.

  6. Mrs. Cox says:

    I’m so glad we mingled together! I wish we could have stayed longer, that went by way too quick.

  7. Dezi Allen says:

    Aww… way fun! You are surely making me jealous. I may have to plan something fun with some of my friends, once the madness of December is over.

  8. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I’m glad you could all get together. The kids were so good while you were taping too! They are really cute.

  9. Tricia says:

    Looks like you guys had are having a great time!

  10. Badger Momma says:

    You guys are so cute! Bouncing the babies, answering questions, and having some sort of seminar in the background. I’m sure you might have had some sort of audience. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you had such a great time. Looks like a wonderful place!

  11. Tara Bucci says:

    Your video is great! So fun to mingle!! πŸ™‚

  12. Amy says:

    I love that you guys did your mingle together, it looks like you all had so much fun!

  13. Kayla says:

    Oh wow!! That’s so awesome πŸ˜€
    I love the fact that you guys did this together!!

    I totally agree with the chocolate thing-It’s not a want, it’s a NEED.

    Great video you guys!

  14. Honey Mommy says:

    How cool to be invited to a getaway! I would LOVE that. It looks like a ton of fun!

  15. I enjoyed this so, so much. How fun to see three minglers (and their kids!) all together. It doesn’t get better than that!

    I hope you had a wonderful trip!

    Thanks for mingling Shannon!

  16. fancygrlnancy says:

    Looks like you had a good time. THanks for sharing.

  17. That was a great mingle… I really enjoyed it, but SO missed Charlie! I did notice that Erin was bouncing with the rest of you, just like she was holding Charlie. I totally agree with you Shannon, I also need chocolate like I need air!
    So glad you all had such a wonderful time at Great Wolf, cannot wait for your posts about the event!

  18. lily says:

    i wish i had the guts to vlog, lol, i am terribly shy, lol…
    looks like a lot of fun!

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