Then and Now…How Motherhood Changed Me

By Shannon Gosney
In Blogging Randomness
December 3, 2009

Before I had kids, I thought I knew everything there was to know about parenting – boy was I wrong!  I’d become easily irritated by kids screaming in the grocery store.  Or do you remember the kid on “A League of Their Own” when he ran through the aisle with the candy lollipop hitting everyone in the head.  I thought to myself – why can’t that mom control her kid?  LOL  Who’d have ever thought the guy at Blockbuster would think the same of my kids grabbing DVDs off the shelf? LOL

I had no idea how filled with love and concern for my child’s well being I would be the first time I held my baby.  I remember vividly, with each child, holding them in my arms and looking into their beautiful faces.  I counted all of their fingers and toes, and then looked at each one’s ears, nose, and head to make sure everything looked good.  I remember being amazed at how beautiful they were.

I remember being so afraid of taking care of a baby.  I couldn’t keep a house plant alive….what was I going to do with a baby?  As soon as I saw my baby, I KNEW I could do it.  I knew how to breast feed (and I’d never done that before).  I instructed friends and family on how to hold my baby or to wash their hands before touching my baby – and doing so with confidence.

Now, instead of being annoyed by the screaming child in the store, I feel immediate empathy for the parent looking after the screaming child.  I know what it feels like to try and keep your child calm for 2 more aisles of groceries or 3 more fruits.  I know what it feels like to try and gather your children in a store and they all go off in different directions like ping pong balls.

I now understand the pain felt when my child says he doesn’t like me or hates me.  I’ve been fortunate so far to experience that a minimal number of times.  I had no idea how much it would hurt to hear my child say that.

On the other hand, I now know how amazing and precious it is to hear my children say they love me, and that I’m a good cook, or that I’m a great mom.  Sorry, tearing up now.  Aaahhh…..ok fanning my face – lol!

Motherhood  has changed me and I have the stretchmarks to prove it.  I am not a perfect mom and am not even close.  I mess up somehow every day.  Whether it’s a late lunch, yelling when I get mad, spending too much time on my blog…I mess up.  However, I’ve learned that messing up is what makes me work hard to being a better mom.  My point is…I am not a perfect mom.  I will mess up.  I will learn and try again.  Isn’t that the point of life?  To learn and better ourselves the best we can?

If you are feeling overwhelmed as a mom, you are not alone.  If you feel like you are constantly failing as a mom, you are not alone.  Motherhood changes us and will continue to change us until we pass on to the next life.

Hugs to everyone (mothers and non-mothers alike)!!!

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15 Responses to “Then and Now…How Motherhood Changed Me”

  1. Angel says:

    OH how beautifully you have summed it up. it is that and so much more….

  2. Rosey says:

    This is a really nice post.

  3. Heidi Prado says:

    I hear ya, motherhood changed me as well. Life seems to really know what it’s doing when some of us become mothers. We can really be great moms, I think it is a wonderful gift from God.

    .•:*¨¨*:•.Blessings*¨2 U 4¨**¨¨*the holidays .•:*¨¨*:•.


  4. That’s beautiful, Shannon.
    I could not have said it better myself!



  5. Bonnie W says:

    Thanks so much for your beautiful words. My sentiments exactly.

  6. Lin says:

    Great post Shannon!

  7. gosfam says:

    Thanks for that. I am feeling a little overwhelmed myself right now. I love that being a MOM is good for me, despite all the downhill turns sometimes.

  8. Kayla says:

    That’s beautiful Shannon!
    I can’t speak like you and any other mum because I don’t have kids and won’t for awhile, but in my opinion, the fact that you mess up everyday MAKES you perfect. Perfection is just a state of mind and doing the best you can each day is the closest thing to perfection anyone can get 🙂

  9. Honey Mommy says:

    Great post and SO true! We all make mistakes, and that’s ok as long as we are constantly working on it!

  10. jaydensgrandma says:

    That is all so true!! But don’t worry they may say they don’t like you or hate you, but they love you and always will.

  11. Dezi Allen says:

    That is really so beautiful and TRUE!! Thanks for putting all that into words.
    I too thought I would never let me kids run wild… ha ha… but now I figure as long as they aren’t destroying people or things, everything is great! 🙂

  12. Carrie says:

    Love this post! So true!

  13. Edyta says:

    What a beautiful and true post. I think all moms feel like that at times. I know that I do. I try to remember that there isn’t such a thing as “perfect mom”. I just try to be the best mom I can be.

  14. mytwogirls says:

    I changed a lot when I became a mother to my first child but changed much much more after my second child came along. It feels pretty strange sometimes and I question how I even got here on some days!

  15. What a beautiful post… I know just how you feel. Wait until they get older, it means even more!

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