Monday Mingle – November 16, 2009

By Shannon Gosney
In Lifestyle
November 15, 2009

Every Monday, Jennifer at Eighty MPH Mom hosts a fun “Monday Mingle.”  You get to VLOG and learn more about one another.  Both men and women bloggers contribute!


Untitled from Shannon S on Vimeo.

P.S. I asked my husband about the question about bionic hearing or x-ray vision and he said x-ray vision definitely.  Is that just a guy thing?  Oh and I do pinky to index.  I feel so dumb that I didn’t get this question earlier – lol!!!

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14 Responses to “Monday Mingle – November 16, 2009”

  1. I am so happy that you got some sleep! I hope that you get more sleep this week – and yes, having hair and make up on is quite a feat!

    I love Jenna Elfman and Sandra Bullock! And Judy Blume is a wonderful author, I loved Super Fudge! Hahaha I am so glad you picked a blogger! It is so true that meeting someone in real life is amazing 🙂
    I totally used the What Women Want reference in my first take and then on my 2nd I took it out! I should have left it LOL
    How tall are you if 4’1 isn’t much shorter? LOL And I didn’t even think of the airplane thing, great point!
    I LOOOVVEE home made gravy! Oh yum! Yeah, the green bean cassarole is so bad for you but oh so good! I have never had it with cheese and chicken broth – thank you for the idea! I am so going to try that now.

  2. Sandra Bullock! ME too!
    Judy Blume, I loved those books too! Superfudge, yeah!
    jennifer would be KEWL to meet.
    I’d like to go to a blogger event someday. Need more money first.
    Yeah for the bionic hearing, me too. Yeah, the gossip thing would be bad. I love that movie, What women want!
    4’1 Yeah…we are so much alike.
    I LOVE vlogging.
    Real chunky potatoes! YUM!
    green bean casserole. oooh YUM!

  3. Michelle M says:

    You are too funny. You have read, “Fancy Nancy” right? My daughter is always trying to drink with her pinky up so she can be fancy. Although, half the time, she ends up spilling.

    I totally agree, I think it would be pretty cool to meet Jennifer. I have yet to meet any other bloggers, but hopefully one day, I will have the opportunity.

  4. Wow…you got it in early! That’s impressive. 🙂 You even beat me and I thought I’d be one of the first. Darn it.

    Sandra Bullock is my ultimate crush so please hit me up with an invite if she ever RSVP’s. 🙂

    I agree with you on the bionic hearing…pro’s and con’s…but I wouldn’t want it. I like not hearing, “Can you take the trash out” or “Can you go mow the lawn”. Hearing would mess all that up.

    Oh, and the pinky going up when you drink is a sign of sophistication. 🙂

    Yeah, I agree, how tall are you if 4’1″ isn’t far away? I must sky over you at 6’7″.

    Totally with you on mashed potatoes and gravy…yum. My wife makes the BEST gravy. That alone is worth marriage.

    Great mingle and I’ll look forward to hearing more when I get back in a few weeks!

  5. Karie says:

    Ha ha…on the lacking on clothing…I always felt weird with doctors seeing me naked, not sure why.

    Very sweet on your grandma, grandparents are so special.

    Wewt on the hearing…I would rather hear than to see.

    HA HA on the pinky, I am the same, I have the pinky thing going.

    Yum on the potatoes and gravy, we do that every year! Love it! So glad to see you mingle again!

  6. Mary RC says:

    glad you got sleep, that is a feat with little ones in general.
    miss my grandma too.
    sandra seems like she could be a great BFF
    i think that pinkies are meant to be erect when drinking cocoa
    MPs & G… no boxes..
    great mingle!

  7. Andrea says:

    The sixth time was your lucky charm! I always end up doing multiple takes, I don’t know why it always takes multiples. But I never get it right on the first try.

    I loved your breakdown of people who have seen you un-clothed. Mine is the same.

    I’d love to meet Jennifer too, I heart her. I convinced her to share a room with me at BlogHer 2010. Aren’t I the luckiest person alive???

  8. Awww you want to meet me? I am so flattered. I would love to meet you too! Hopefully at Blogher we can finally meet. The good thing is us minglers will recognize each other – I love that!

    Yeah – the men seem to want Xray vision…I know exactly why.

    I love your dinner guest choices…very nice!

    Mmmm – I like my potatoes just the way you describe them. Those are the best!

    Thanks for mingling again (as always – you rock!). I can’t wait to hear next week’s answers – make sure your hubby at least gives you answers to vlog…please.

  9. Brittany says:

    I already have bionic hearing. If there’s a tiny bug in our room I can hear it crawling around and it drives me crazy. The soft buzzing of our wireless internet router annoys me but my husband can’t even hear it. Good thing my kids are pretty loud or all those small noises would really get to me. I have awful eye sight so I’d love to be able to see better.

  10. I raise my pinky when I drink too and my hubby laughs at me for it…great vlog!

  11. Badger Momma says:

    Pinkies for the win! Mine loves standing at attention whenever I’m drinking and tapping. 🙂

    Another short preference. Yay!

    OMG potatoes and gravy. *gurglegurglegurglegurglegurgle* I’m drooling over here now.

  12. I agree with you, being 4’1″ would be SO much easier!

    I love the idea of Judy Blume at a dinner party. I read all of her books too! She would be a fantastic guest!!

  13. Kayla says:

    It’s okay Shannon, I didn’t get the pinky/index question until I REALLY thought about it. Lol
    Listening to all these favorite Thanksgiving foods makes me HUNGRY!
    Great video 🙂

  14. So glad everyone is feeling better and getting some sleep…
    I never thought about the advantages of riding in a plane if you were 4’1″ – that was brilliant!
    I LOVED “Are you There God, It’s Me, Margaret” when I was a kid, it really helped this terribly depressed and abused kid get through some rough times, could you invite me to dinner with Judie Blum??
    I didn’t get the finger tapping thing in the beginning either until I watched the first vlog, then a light bulb went off — I think I am the only one who does it BOTH ways, I guess I’m just a weirdo, but then most of you all know that about me already!! 🙂
    I’m so glad I got my new laptop so I can watch these vlogs!! I am happy, happy!!

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