Do You Have Your Halloween Costume?

By Shannon Gosney
In Lifestyle
September 25, 2009

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Halloween is in October and October is literally just around the corner!  My family and I look forward to the pumpkins, candy, and costumes!  Having 3 boys makes it very challenging for me to take them to the store and “shop” for a Halloween costume.  I have found that many times, the costumes are either overpriced or picked over by the time we get to the store to pick one out. 

As the primary shopper in my home, it is important to find a costume that is affordable, adorable, and can be used all year long (since my boys don’t limit dressing up to only Halloween)!  Having access to the Internet makes the process of picking out a costume a WHOLE LOT easier and more fun!  I want to have the opportunity to browse through a large selection of Kids Costumes – both for toddlers and children!  I also want to know that the company will stand by their products and will ship me the costumes in a timely manner. 

Are you ready for Halloween?

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9 Responses to “Do You Have Your Halloween Costume?”

  1. Kayla says:

    I’m am SO ready for Halloween, that I could do it right now! Lol
    Okay, so maybe not RIGHT now, but it’s pretty close-All I need is a damn shirt to complete my costume =]
    I can’t seem to find one anywhere…

  2. So true- my little ones love to dress up all the time too, so quality is a must!

  3. We are starting our candy shopping today (Monday) and we have our costumes all set… We LOVE Halloween!!

  4. Doreen says:

    I LOVE Halloween!!!

  5. shayla says:

    i refuse to pay full price for a halloween costume. i always buy them on clearance after halloween (usually online) and hang on to them for the next year. sure, the selection isn’t that great, but i can usually always find something that will work. so to answer your question, as far as costumes go, i’ve been ready for almost a year now. 🙂

  6. Lori Brown says:

    I miss the days when I was able to make costumes for the kids. Now, my 8yo is making herself a “goth” cheerleader (of all things!), which thankfully doesn’t involve buying much. And my younger 2 wanted store-bought costumes. At least they’re not so picky; and the 4yo settled for a Clone Trooper as opposed to the original Storm Trooper (trust me, there’ s a big difference in my house!) – I was NOT paying $50 for a costume for a 4yo! The 6yo went for the “prettiest” she could find & will be a flamenco dancer. Everything is bought, except for a few accessories, and we started decorating tonight!

  7. I’m not ready for Halloween and my sweet 8 year old is insistant on being a yucky nasty bloody something for Halloween. I’m so not wanting him to dress all yucky but we’ve talked about why he wants to do this vs why not be something else. He’s not got a mean bone in his little body and I know he doesn’t believe in these things. He’s not a violent child so I’m not worried about how this will affect him. I just don’t want to see my sweet boy in it.

    Like your kids, he plays dress ups all year round in all his past Halloween costumes. (I have had to finally junk several of them because they’re tattered and some all in one costumes are just plain too small.)

    Glad to see someone else takes time finding the right one to buy! I just wish they’d take all that blood and gore stuff away… Ick!

  8. Jammie says:

    No Halloween Costume yet, I think this year we will wig it with items we have here at the house. It can be a pain getting a new costume each year. And she only wears it once for a few hours.

    I have an award for you..

  9. My little girl had her heart set on being a lil’ mermaid. Feels good to have it already as Halloween creeps up really fast! As for me I am still deciding what I want to be.

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