Cookies and Snowblobs

By Shannon Gosney
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December 18, 2008

Yesterday, school was canceled because of an expected snowstorm.

Here is the snowstorm – 1 day late!

Looking out our front door

Our backyard

My car is under the snow

We spent today at home. This morning, after I put Sam down for a nap, Brian and I “tried” to build a snowman. It turned out to be more like a “snowblob.” I couldn’t figure out what we were doing wrong. I don’t think it takes rocket science to build a snowman? I would gather up the snow and try to shape it – then it would come apart. Apparently, it wasn’t me. The snow was powder (dry), which makes it very challenging to create a snowman! Thank goodness.

Our snowblob (you have to really squint to see it – lol) – oh well, at least we tried

On an earlier blog, I mentioned making cookies with kids. Today, I included the kids and we made Secret Kisses Cookies. Their job was to unwrap the Hershey kisses (and eat them?). Then we rolled the kisses in the dough and put them in the oven. A little while later – wah lah! (Note: recipe to come soon – it’s a good one!)

What they are supposed to be doing πŸ™‚

What they were actually doing πŸ™‚

1 batch of cookies, some Christmas cards, and a snowblob – I’d call that a successful day!

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2 Responses to “Cookies and Snowblobs”

  1. LeMira says:

    It would take at least 2 feet of snow to cancel school here. And work — I’m not sure they’d ever cancel that. They should, however, ban non-snow drivers.

  2. Cristin says:

    They have canceled school here ALL WEEK because of snow, but they are pansies here and will cancel it at even a little drop. We have been making lots of snow blob snow men. It’s all just powder, dry and won’t stick!

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