Shop or Drop at the Mall?

By Shannon Gosney
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November 24, 2008

When I went to high school, I wasn’t one of those people that liked to “hang out” at the mall and I still am not one of those people.

I haven’t been to the mall in over a year, but went this weekend with some women from church. We went and saw “Twilight” – cheesy but good – I would label it under romantic comedy.

We enjoyed it and were going to go to the food court to get some food after it was done. I had eaten popcorn, so mall food didn’t sound good to me at the time. I was going to get up and get something to eat but just didn’t feel like walking around trying to figure out what to get. I’d be home shortly and could eat at home.

We were talking about the movie and heard a loud bang. My first thought was – a gunshot. Then I thought for another second and figured maybe a table, trays, or a sign fell. Then there was
another one!

Within a few seconds, a huge crowd of people came running towards us and people were screaming and kids were crying. Someone somewhere said it was a gunshot and we immediately dove under the tables.

I was totally freaked out! George and the kids were at home and it was just me and some women from church!

My first thought when I heard someone say “gun” and saw the crowd running towards us was the gunman was chasing the crowd and might be some psycho who was getting ready to start shooting anybody and everybody. I literally saw my life flash before my eyes and really wished George was there with me!

One girl from our group even jumped over the balcony (we were sitting by some windows with a large balcony outside of them) and she kept running until she got to the store across the street.

Apparently, the gunman was in his late teens – early twenties and shot 2 people – one a 16 year old who died at the hospital and the other a 15 year old who is injured but alive.

They haven’t found the gunman yet but think they will make an arrest soon – we’ll see! Here is a link to the article if you are interested.

The traffic was awful and it took us 2 hours just to get out of the mall parking structure – sure glad I used the restroom before leaving the movie theater!

Needless to say, I won’t be returning to that mall again – one mall shooting in a lifetime is enough for me!

Here is another interesting article on whether malls are safe or not!

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6 Responses to “Shop or Drop at the Mall?”

  1. Nance says:

    Wow. Glad you are okay. I read about a mall shooting at Trolley Sq. in Salt Lake not long ago. Scary. My town doesn’t even have a mall though which is also scary in and of itself.

  2. Cristin says:

    That’s crazy that you were there. I read about this on foxnews. Yeah, it’s scary to hear about things like this, makes one paranoid about large places with lots of people. Glad you’re okay. I always have wondered what I would do in a situation like that.

  3. Megan says:

    I’m glad you’re ok! We heard about it when Bryan’s brother from Utah called to ask how far away it was from us. Never thought I’d actually know someone who was there when it happened!

  4. Carrilyne says:

    That is so terrifying! I’m so glad that you have no physical injuries from the incident but I’m sure the other tramatizing effects are hard to live with too! You are a strong woman! I would want Jared with me too!!!

  5. Melinda says:

    wow thats scary! glad you were safe though!!

  6. LeMira says:

    Scary! Wow, that’s crazy.

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