Bad Drivers!

By Shannon Gosney
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November 21, 2008

I’ve had a few experiences with bad drivers recently.

The other day, I was pulling into the parking lot of a store (I was turning left INTO the parking lot). There was a man waiting to turn left OUT of the parking lot (he had a stop sign and had to wait until it was clear to pull out). When it was clear, I turned left, however, the old man must have thought he was clear and started pulling out before I was all the way in the driveway. He clipped the back of the driver’s side of the car.

It definitely sounded worse than it looks (like someone stepping on an aluminum can) – still have to get an estimate to find out how much true damage was done. From what I can tell on the surface, there are some scuffs – no major dents. However, the old man took off and didn’t pull over to give me his sr22 insurance information. So I was left waiting for the police so I could file a report – they never came. When I called them after 45 minutes of sitting in the car with the baby, they told me there was never an officer sent out and I should file the report on the phone. Nice!

Today, I came out to the Target parking lot to find this lovely parking job.

My car is the black car on the left. If it were just me, I would be a little annoyed, however, I have 3 kids – all of whom sit in the back seat. I couldn’t get Dallen into the car – he had to climb through the other side. I barely fit my arms in to buckle him in.

There have been times when someone was parked so close – on both sides of me that I couldn’t put Baby Sam in the car in his infant car seat! I had to put him in the car through the back or trunk – that was a wonderful, uncomfortable experience!

Sometimes it pays to park further out and walk a little ways more – but it can sure get tiring lugging a baby in an infant carrier! Come on people – wake up and learn how to drive AND park!

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