Modern Home Decor: Incorporating Digital Signage

By Shannon Gurnee
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September 5, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about modern home decor.

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Hey everyone, today let’s diverge a little from our regular focus on HomeKit gadgets and talk about a tech aspect that’s usually reserved for public spaces or corporate offices β€” Digital Signage like Kitcast. You heard that right. While I’ve always been a proponent of smart lights, thermostats, and locks, there’s something else I believe can really take your smart home setup to the next level, and it’s high time we brought it into the residential sphere.

What Even is Digital Signage?

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Digital Signage? That’s for malls and airports.” But hear me out. Essentially, digital signage is like a dynamic canvas that can display almost anything you want, be it text, images, or videos. Imagine replacing that static piece of art hanging in your living room with something that can change with the season, your mood, or even based on Siri Shortcuts. If you love personalizing every other aspect of your HomeKit ecosystem, this is like the holy grail for wall decor.

Why It Deserves Space in Your Smart Home

A Digital Canvas for All Your Moods

HomeKit is all about customization and automation. Digital signage, when thoughtfully implemented, can be an evolving work of art that changes based on time of day, weather, or even the song you’re currently playing on your HomePod.

More Than Just Pretty Pictures

A lot of us have iPads or other display units set up in our kitchens, mainly for recipes or video calls. Imagine expanding this to a more wall-friendly format. Digital signage can be your oversized Kitchen iPad, displaying your shopping list, today’s calendar events, or recipe instructions as you cook, all while looking incredibly sleek.

A Real Energy Saver

If you’re into the HomeKit ecosystem, chances are you’re also keen on being energy-efficient. Modern digital signage comes with features like motion detection, which could trigger the display only when someone is in the room, conserving energy when it’s not needed.

Seamless Integration is Key

We’ve already got Siri controlling our lights, locks, and even our coffee makers. Adding digital signage to this mix could add another layer of fluid integration. It’s exciting to think about using a Siri voice command to change the displayed artwork or information.

Getting It Right: The How-To Guide

The Right Screen for the Right Room

Much like picking a HomePod mini or a HomePod based on room size, the dimensions of your digital signage will depend on where you want to place it. A large, high-res display could become the centerpiece of your living room, while smaller displays can be thought of as supplementary iPads for other parts of the house.

Quality Counts

Just like we always opt for the best quality HomeKit-compatible devices, the same rule applies here. Aim for high-resolution, vibrant displays for the best visual impact.

Tailor-Made Content

You wouldn’t put just any smart bulb in your HomeKit setup; you’d choose one that fits your needs and aesthetic. The same goes for the content you display. Make sure it syncs well with your home’s overall vibe and your personal preferences.

The Interactive Element

Imagine using your iPhone or Apple Watch to switch what’s displayed on your digital signage through a simple Siri command. The potential for interactivity here is immense, offering a dynamic experience for everyone in the house.

The Control Center of Tomorrow

Besides displaying visuals and information, your digital signage could very well become the control center for all your smart home activities. Picture this: a centralized interface that lets you adjust your thermostat, check your security cameras, and even lock your doors, all from one place.

Final Thoughts

Digital signage isn’t just for commercial spaces anymore. By incorporating it into your HomeKit-enabled home, you’re not just setting a trend; you’re embracing a future where every wall and every screen can become a dynamic, interactive part of your living space. Trust me, once you experience the blend of art and tech that digital signage offers, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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