5 Tips for Building a Strong Brand for Your New Pet Business

By Shannon Gurnee
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August 24, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about tips for building a strong brand for your new pet business.

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As the number of pet owners grows—and as global trends in pet care and wellness continue to evolve—industry experts say that there’s immense promise in the pet sector. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the US pet industry alone was valued at USD 136.8 billion in 2022. It’s projected to achieve USD 143.6 billion in sales this 2023. 

If you’ve got plans to expand into the pet industry, you’re likely doing so for the significant earning potential that comes with such a venture. But knowing how many other entrepreneurs may have a similar idea as you, expect a challenge when it comes to getting a piece of the pet industry pie. 

To tackle the challenge of differentiating your pet business from competitors offering similar products or services, installing an attractive shop front with the help of these efficient shop front installers is a pivotal step. It serves as the physical embodiment of your brand, allowing you to visually communicate your uniqueness and capture the attention of potential customers, ultimately helping your business stand out in a crowded market.

To answer that question, here are five strategies that can give you the edge over your competitors and help you maximize your earning potential from your new foray into the pet business:

1) Partner with a Reputable Pet Supply Wholesaler

Different pet owners will have different answers when it comes to the question of which animal makes the best pet. But one thing they’ll all agree on is wanting only the best for their pets. Many pet owners are ready to invest in high-quality food, accessories, toys, and other pet products for their pets to live healthier and happier lives. If you want to build a business brand with a reputation for providing only the best, one thing you should do is partner with a reputable pet supply wholesaler.

When you collaborate with an established supplier known for their diverse catalog of high-quality products, you’ll be able to market a wide range of premium pet goods under your brand. This will attract discerning pet owners who’ll associate your brand with innovative and trustworthy products. You’ll be able to stand out from shops that sell low-quality items and broker a strong sense of trust with your customers. Also, investing in the services of a good shop front design company will introduce you to new shop fronts that attracts customers.

Consider partnering with a supplier that offers unique pet products that customers won’t be able to find just anywhere. For example, PrideBites.com personalized pet products will enable you to customize a variety of interesting pet items, from collars and harnesses to custom blankets, beds, toys, and apparel.  Your store will soon become a destination for novel and exciting branded pet items, offering a selection and a purchasing experience that your pet parent customers won’t enjoy anywhere else. 

2) Hire the Right People

The success of your pet business also depends on the people who represent it. You’ll definitely want to hire individuals who share both your passion for pets and your business’s values. Your staff members will serve as brand ambassadors and are thus instrumental in shaping a strong brand identity for you. 

Having employees who genuinely care about animals and customer satisfaction will create for your business an authentic and welcoming atmosphere—one that can be enjoyed by pets and pet owners alike. As your employees interact directly with your customers, their professionalism, enthusiasm, and empathy will leave a lasting impression on the latter, creating a positive business reputation that will distinguish you from your competitors.

However, hiring people based on how much they love animals won’t be enough to bolster your pet business brand. Your staff should also be well-trained (or express willingness to be trained) and have the knowledge to properly handle and care for pets. Employees who know what they’re doing can offer helpful advice and guidance to customers, contributing to a positive experience for the latter. Staff members’ expertise will also instill confidence in your customers, positioning your business as a go-to source for both reliable information and assistance.

3) Establish a Strong Online Presence

Having a strong online presence is crucial when it comes to achieving brand visibility, especially in today’s digital age. Make use of the convenience the internet provides and launch a well-designed website that allows potential customers to interact with your pet brand 24/7. 

In addition, utilize social media platforms to post pet-related content that both educates and entertains potential customers. Some examples of content include how-to blogs for pet care, videos that offer basic pet training tips, infographics on topics like pet diets, and photos accompanied by heartwarming pet stories. All of these will allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, fostering a sense of community among animal lovers and strengthening your customers’ loyalty to your brand.

4) Create a Compelling Brand Story and Visual Identity

You’ll also want to complete your brand story, which includes the origins of your brand and its mission and vision, and determine the right design elements to articulate your business’s visual identity. From your brand’s logo to the packaging it uses, your branding elements must remain consistent, as they ensure that you’re building a recognizable and memorable presence among your customers.  

Moreover, a well-crafted brand story and visual identity will establish for you a cohesive and professional image. This makes it easier for your customers to associate your logo and brand with quality and reliability.

5) Give Back to the Pet Community

Lastly, if you’ve just set up a pet business, make its presence known within the pet community. It’s a good idea to support pet-related causes and initiatives that align with your business’s values, as your presence will help you establish a positive brand image. 

Partnering with animal shelters, organizing adoption events, or contributing a portion of your profits to pet charities will showcase your commitment to animals’ rights and wellbeing. Your community involvement will also resonate with customers who share similar values and enhance your brand’s reputation.

The global pet industry is sure to grow in the next few years, and you’ll have many opportunities to succeed in such a competitive industry. Seize them by creating a strong brand identity, and make it your goal to resonate with multiple generations of pet parent customers. 

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