6 Tips for Enjoying Golf as a Family

By Shannon Gurnee
In Family
March 31, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about tips for enjoying golf as a family.

Family Golf

Golf can be a fantastic family hobby. It allows you to get out in the open air with your family, have some friendly competition and chat about everything that is going on in your lives. It can be a wonderful way to bond as long as you are all having a good time. Here are six tips for enjoying golf as a family. 

Choose the Right Golf Course

Do some research before you book a round of golf and see which golf course would suit your family best. You have to think about the distance between tees for little legs, the difficulty of each hole as the weaker players might get frustrated if they are struggling but the stronger players might get bored, and the time it will take to drive to the golf course. It is also a good idea to check out the amenities as there is no doubt that the family will get hungry, thirsty, or need the toilet, and quite possibly all three. You may consider getting a country club membership for the ultimate golfing and relaxation experience. In addition, you may hire an instructor with a Professional Golf Certification to help you develop your golfing skills.

Make Sure Your Equipment Is in Good Working Order

Before you set out you should make sure that your equipment is in good working order. There is nothing worse than realizing that you need a replacement motor for your golf cart when you get to the 10th hole. Your family might find this funny afterward, but they might not see the funny side at the time. You should check that golf clubs are clean and that you have enough balls to play with even if you lose a few along the way.

Set Ground Rules

Setting ground rules before you start playing is necessary otherwise this can lead to arguments. You should insist on no sulking if someone didn’t manage to hit the shot they wanted, no crowing if they are doing well, rivalry should be kept friendly, and there should be no raised voices between family members. This will help to ensure that you have a peaceful, friendly round and it is a great bonding experience. 

Make It Fun

Playing golf as a family should be fun. You can make sure that it is by lowering your expectations. Your kids might not be professionals but try not to put them under pressure if they simply can’t put the ball in the hole. Help them in a friendly way and remember that if you lower your expectations, you will not be disappointed in anyone’s performance, including your own. You do not need to keep score if you don’t want to and this can help to keep the game more friendly and less competitive, especially if the players in your group have different abilities. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Skip Holes

There is nothing worse than trying to play a round of golf and becoming aware that the group behind you are catching up fast. This can make everyone feel agitated and tempers can fray. Rather than being put under pressure, why not skip the next hole and put some more distance between yourself and the next group? If you are not keeping score, then missing a hole or two won’t matter and the family can go back to enjoying the game without any pressure. 


Relax and enjoy the game. Remember the object of the exercise is to take part, catch up, and have a great bonding experience with your family. It is not to go out and play to win while falling out on the course. 

Remember these six tips for enjoying golf as a family and you will create a game that everyone in your group loves to play and be a part of. 

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