4 Wellness Tips for Exhausted Parents

By Shannon Gurnee
In Lifestyle
March 31, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about wellness tips for exhausted parents.

Exhausted parents

If there’s one thing that a lot of parents have in common, it’s the fact that so many are constantly low on energy and feeling exhausted. It doesn’t matter if you have one child or a few, exhaustion seems to go together with parenting. And while it may be normal, and all the parents you know probably feel the same way, it doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Rather than have that draggy feeling all day, why not look for ways to combat the exhaustion and start feeling more energized?

Here are four wellness tips for exhausted parents that will help them to get out of the rut they are currently in.

Start Your Day Earlier than the Kids

The first tip is all about maximizing your time. If you sleep until your kids get up, you haven’t had any time to yourself. Many parents find that waking up before their kids with that extra bit of time all to themselves in the morning ends up being the most productive and relaxing part of the whole day. 

This can be your chance to enjoy a morning coffee while reading the news, scrolling your social media feeds, responding to emails, planning out your day, and even getting a bit of work done. It is uninterrupted free time to fill as you want.

Having this time to yourself can also boost your mood and energy levels, so you’ll be prepared for when the kids do wake up.

Go To Bed Earlier In the Evening

Now on the flip side of things is bedtime. Often parents end up staying up late so they can get things done when the kids aren’t around and enjoy some downtime. If you start waking up earlier then suddenly there isn’t that same need to stay up late. Going to bed earlier means you’ll be able to handle the early morning wake-up with ease. Keep in mind, the optimal amount of sleep is 7-9 hours, so you need to do your best to achieve that benchmark.

But what happens if you go to bed early but can’t seem to fall asleep? You may need to make some tweaks to your evening and bedtime routine. This can include removing distractions from the bedroom, not exercising in the evening, staying away from caffeine and alcohol after 4 pm, and even using a calming drink that promotes sleep like Impossible Sleep. It’s all about creating a new and healthy bedtime habit.

Don’t Feel Bad Taking Time for Yourself

This particular tip always seems to be easier said than done. It’s one thing to tell yourself it’s okay to have alone time and do things just for you, but it’s entirely different to follow through. This needs to be a no-guilt zone, recognizing that taking time for yourself is important to your mental and physical well-being. You will feel more energized, you’ll feel happier and more content, and your life will feel as though it has a better balance.

Time for yourself could mean things like a long bubble bath, a chance to sneak away and read a book, going out with friends for a meal, doing at-home workouts, or even joining a class. Whatever works for you and provides you with that opportunity to focus on yourself.

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

The final tip is to start asking for help. This isn’t a contest; you won’t win an award for being the “best parent”. Asking for help is normal and it is encouraged. That help can be in the form of your significant other, a parent, another family member, a friend, or even hiring help.

Exhausting Is Normal But There Are Fixes

So, while the fact you are exhausted is normal, there is no reason you have to accept it as the new way of life. Instead, you can use tips such as these to re-energize yourself. You may consider pampering yourself, taking a day off, or scheduling an appointment at a local wellness spa.

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