Breast Health: 4 Practices to Ensure Your Bust Is Cared For

By Shannon Gurnee
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January 18, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about breast health.

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Feminine health is a staple part of our daily hygiene regime, encompassing much more than just washing and brushing our teeth. Another essential aspect of our daily hygiene routine is maintaining and looking after our breasts, especially if we’re a parent. Changes to our body during pregnancy can affect the appearance of our bust and make us more susceptible to complications. Individuals with mammary glands are vulnerable to various health conditions, whether through motherhood or not; ailments can range from cosmetic complications such as dry nipples, stretch marks, and sagging to the more severe risk of breast cancer. 

Maintaining proper breast health goes beyond checking our figure routinely for lumps and bumps; there are many other ways to keep our bust healthy that aren’t as commonly discussed which are just as worth practicing. Women who would like to enhance the size or appearance of their breasts may consider plastic surgery. Others decided to enhance their breasts through a safe Lexington breast augmentation procedure.

It’s paramount to care for your breasts so that you have the best chance of preventing any of the previously mentioned conditions. Here are several practices you can implement into your daily routine to ensure that your bust is cared for to minimize potential dangers. 

Attend Breast Exams 

Typically, health professionals recommend that women start having yearly breast examinations from the age of twenty and annual mammograms from age forty-five. Routine attendance of these exams alongside conducting your own regular checks is paramount for ensuring that any changes like firmness, lumps, and dimpling are entirely normal and not a cause for concern, read more about it on Obria’s website. Self-examine your chest and ask yourself. Have there been any changes to your nipples, or have they inverted? Any changes to their appearance like redness, dry patches, swelling, or soreness? Has the shape of them changed? 

Suppose you do notice anything that causes you to worry. In that case, we suggest contacting your local health professional at your earliest convenience, or you could consider enlisting the services of an independent health screening company such as Ezra. They provide multiple screening services, including full-body MRI scans, which can help detect health conditions in their earliest, most curable stage. Peruse their website for further information, prices, and helpful guides to see how they can assist you in your journey towards better breast health. 

Wear The Correct Bra 

In the U.S alone, it was discovered that around 80% of American women were still wearing the wrong bra or band size. Not only can wearing an ill-fitting bra cause aesthetic problems such as strap or band indentations, soreness, and over-spill out of the top of the cup, which has been loving dubbed as ‘quad-boob’ by unlearned members of the public – it can also cause health problems. 

From back pain to premature sagging, wearing the wrong bra can cause many issues over time; therefore, it’s well worth attending a professional fitting to eliminate any chances of these problems. We recommend opting for bras that you can comfortably fasten on the second or third hook, shape your bust, have properly positioned cups, and keep your breasts pressed against your chest wall. It’s also important to remember that breast size can change over time, so getting fitted regularly is within your best interest. 

Practice Good Skincare 

Much like we’d pay attention to the skin on our face and legs, our breasts are equally important when it comes to skincare and are just as deserving of being pampered. It’s a well-known fact that the skin surrounding our bust is some of the most sensitive pieces of skin on our bodies, and failure to look after it correctly can result in cosmetic issues such as dry nipples and stretch marks. Suppose you’re worried about any of these potential side effects. In that case, you can prevent damage from occurring by incorporating moisturizing into your daily hygiene regime and the regular use of sun cream if you live in a hot climate. 

Health professionals recommend applying a sun cream with an SPF of fifteen or above every two to four hours and using a rich moisturizer for daily application to keep the skin there looking and feeling good. You could also replace any drying soaps, shower gels, and bath creams with products with built-in moisturizing benefits that will further prevent your sensitive skin from imperfections and dryness. 

Staying Active And Eating Healthily 

As well as providing physical benefits, staying active and maintaining a balanced, varied diet is another way to ensure that you take the utmost care of your breasts. Direct correlations have been made between breast health and maintaining a healthy weight. Doing so reduces your risk of inflammation, improves your metabolic health, and minimizes the danger of severe health problems such as high blood pressure and breast cancer. 

You can practice healthy eating and stay active by engaging in regular exercise for an average of thirty minutes a day and consuming the best foods for healthy breasts, amongst other things. If you do notice any worrying changes to your bust, we recommend notifying your GP, who can refer you for a full-body MRI in hopes of preventing and quelling any concerns you may have. 

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