Your 4 Point Guide For Sparkling Clean And Maintained Carpets! 

By Shannon Gurnee
In Cleaning
December 5, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about Sparkling Clean And Maintained Carpets! 

Cleaning Carpets

When you select a carpet installation for your house, you expect it to stay in place for around 5 to 10 years. But almost half of the time, these tend to deteriorate just within a year or two. We’re not saying that you picked up a bad quality carpet, or that your carpet installers didn’t do a perfect job. But, did you ever consider whether there was enough effort towards its upkeep? Should you have called a local residential carpet cleaning company more often? Don’t you want to know if you could have done more to save your carpet? After all, you want your investments to provide you better fruits for long. 

How to keep your carpets looking and intact for years?

We have seen homeowners giving their best shot in cleaning their carpets and maintaining them for a brighter look for a long time. They tend to scrub the surface vigorously and even use the best chemicals. But do you know you are committing mistakes even in these steps? Yes, if you are not following the below-listed maintenance guide, you will not get the visible results and long life of your carpets. You may also hire a professional to conduct Steam Cleaning for Carpets.

Alter your cleaning procedure –We did talk about your scrubbing and cleaning the carpet. But do you know even improper cleaning procedures can damage the surface? Yes, the very first thing that can steal this shine of your carpets is too much vigorous scrubbing. If you are using a very pointed brush to scrub the floor or even if the cleaning agent has a lot of bleach and chemicals in it, it automatically destroys the shine of your carpet. So, you must use only a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface and the cleaning agents that are effective on stains but don’t steal the shine of your carpets. You will get such specialized, best carpet cleaner products at Steamaster. They have got a good range of carpet cleaning agents which are effective on stains and don’t even steal the beauty of the surface.

Clean the spills immediately –Another factor that damages the beauty of your carpets is the spill that happens suddenly over them. It does not matter if it is a food spill or chemicals poured on it. As long as it creates a nasty patch on the carpets, it makes a surface very ugly. The best carpet cleaner is a green certified cleaner. And yes, if it stays for long, cleaning it becomes a headache. So, make it a habit to clean such spills on the spot with special carpet cleaning agents to avoid any such stains and patches. 

Vacuum regularly – Most of you avoid vacuuming on the carpets because it is a plain surface. It is smooth, in fact! It doesn’t even have deep pores that can penetrate the germs and dirt. But this doesn’t make your carpet entirely safe from germs. Dirt particles do get settled on it. You are required to clean it with a vacuum cleaner daily to prevent the formation of a dust layer over it. 

Dry the carpets well after cleaning – You would have noticed the mould formation on your carpet after a few years. There might even be a slightly irritating smell coming from it. It is a result of your frequent cleaning. Don’t get us wrong. Sometimes you clean the carpets well. But since you don’t dry it properly, it deteriorates over time. Ensure that you keep the windows open and the fans on full speed after washing or cleaning your carpets. It will prevent the occurrence of mould and the smell that damages the life of this material.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service helps ensure your carpet stays in good shape for years. If you ask about the cleaning schedule, following the above tips will do the work for you. But if you want further maintenance tips that enhance the life of your carpets, then train your pets well and use doormats at regular intervals. The results of these efforts will be carpets that you dreamed of.

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