Car Safety Guides to Note Before Road Travel

By Shannon Gurnee
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October 24, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about Car Safety Guides.

Car Safety Driving

Everyone wants to be safe behind the wheel but you cannot leave it to your car’s safety systems to do all of the work for you. Drivers should pay attention to their car before they set off to make sure that if they run into difficulties that they can deal with them. What are the safety checks you should be making before traveling, especially if you intend being on the road for several hours? And if in case you lose your car key, don’t panic! An efficient auto locksmith service like the ones at can provide you with a replacement key in no time at all.

Another one of the first things you need to check is your windshield. If there are chips or cracks that could affect your visibility, getting a windshield replacement is advisable.

Light Checks

The headlamps and brake lights of your car are there to make sure you can see and be seen by other road users. Setting off – even if you are traveling during daylight hours – without checking them is dangerous. Take a few moments to confirm your fog light, reversing lamp and indicators are in good working order, too, or you may regret it. Keep in mind that no matter how safely you drive, it can be quite difficult to account for other drivers, specially at night when drinking can be easily be involved. If you find something wrong, it’s better to go to a service center such as BMW Raleigh. If you will be traveling, and with the possibility of being injured while involved in an accident, it wouldn’t hurt to look for a dui defense lawyer that you can call in the location you will be traveling to.


If you think your MOT certification is near expiration date, you need to get it renewed before your road trip. Having an updated MOT certificate not only saves you from extra penalties but also makes your car roadworthy and safety proof. MOT Test entails all important checks on major vehicle parts which means if any part is not upto minimum requirement it will be updated there and then, hence making the car part liable  to function according to MOT benchmark requirements. In case you are looking for a reliable MOT garage, you can check  Iverson Tyres for further details (020 8566 4666).

Child Seat Safety

Make sure your child seat is anchored properly to Isofix fixings or in the way the manufacturer recommends. Turn off the airbag in the passenger seat if your child seat will go there. Ensure that child locks are working in the back, too, so that there are no accidents involving little ones.

Seatbelt Checks

Make sure all of your car’s seat belts lock into place properly. Plug them in and ensure you hear the right clunk-click noise. Your seatbelts should also release with ease when you press down the red button. If they don’t, then it is important to have them inspected professionally. Another thing to keep an eye out for is any sign of fraying with seatbelts. This can be dangerous and mean that you are not properly protected by a crucial car safety mechanism.

If you unfortunately got involved in an auto collision, make sure to check on yourself, and bring your vehicle to an auto collision repair center for auto repair services.

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