How to Cook Like a Professional Chef

By Shannon Gurnee
In Cooking with Redhead Mom
September 29, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered post about how to cook like a professional chef.

Professional Chef in the Kitchen

Planning and cooking a meal after a long day of hard work can seem like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. You can cook like a professional chef easily, eat better, and make cooking fun with essential cooking skills. Here’s how you can cook like a professional chef. 

Get the Right Tools

If you want to cook like a chef, you’ll need the tools a chef uses. Luckily, you don’t have to purchase their exact tools because that would be costly, but you can still equip yourself with essential tools like a food prep cutting board to make cooking easier and more fun. These tools include:

  • Chef’s knife
  • Mixing bowls
  • Cutting boards
  • Measuring cups 

Get Organized

Before you begin learning how to cook like a chef, you’ll need a way to stay organized. Once you learn fast and easy recipes like chili mac skillet, you need to keep track of them. You can use anything from a notebook to a recipe manager app on your phone. While tracking your recipes may not seem important when you’re just learning how to cook like a chef, it will help you take notes so that you can make a brilliant meal exactly the same way in the future. 

Sharpen Your Knives

Keeping your knives sharp with the help of a Professional Knife Sharpening service keeps you safe in the kitchen while helping you cook easier and better. Sharp knives allow you to cut food with less pressure and make the entire experience more enjoyable. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cut food with a knife that just won’t cut.

Professional Chef in the Kitchen

Learn the Proper Skills

You can’t learn how to cook like Gordon Ramsay overnight, especially if you’re someone who has never enjoyed cooking. Before you can begin thinking and acting like a professional chef at home, you’ll need to learn the basics. A cooking class can help you learn the necessary foundational skills to begin cooking better meals at home. These cooking classes will teach you simple recipes and provide nutrition tips so that you can stop eating fast food and save money by cooking at home. 

If you don’t have time to take a cooking class, you can always purchase a cookbook or see an online cooking site like thor’s fork that will help you learn recipes and inspire you to become a better chef. Unfortunately, some skills, like handling cutlery, are things that can only be learned in a classroom. However, cookbooks can help you hone your skills and cook delicious and nutritious meals for your family. The biggest benefit of cookbooks is that you can find the ingredients at your local grocery store and you won’t be required to go anywhere special. 

Always Prep

Prepping your food and kitchen is a necessity to make cooking more efficient and easier. Once you have all of your ingredients properly measured and put into the right bowls, cooking will be a breeze. 

Keep Your Space Clean

One of the worst parts about cooking at home is doing all of the dishes afterward. By keeping your dishes and workspace clean, you can make the clean-up process easier after dinner. Professional chefs clean their dishes and measuring cups as soon as possible to not have unnecessary junk crowding up their cooking space. You can use any spare time in the kitchen to clean.

For example, as soon as you put something in the oven, start cleaning the dishes that you’ve left in the sink. Cleaning will reduce cross-contamination and leave dishes ready to go again when you need them, which means fewer dishes in the sink for you to clean later. 

If your countertops have burns, warps, or bubbling from contact with heat, consider replacing them with durable granite kitchen countertops that are highly resistant to staining, scratching, and heat, then consider sealing leathered granite to add an additional layer of protection for wear and tear, stains, bacteria.

Start with Eggs

If you really want to learn how to cook like a professional chef, you’ll need to master the art of eggs. Cooking eggs may seem easy, but having this skill will teach you patience while training your mind to focus on the details of cooking. Eggs can enhance almost any meal, so make sure that you know how to cook an egg, and we don’t mean just learning how to hard boil it. 

Cooking is an essential skill to learn for any adult. Get started today by bookmarking this guide and using it as your starting point. Good luck!

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  1. heather says:

    This was super informative to read and I really learned a lot. I would so love to cook like a professional chef.

  2. Adriane says:

    My kitchen is so small and I have so little counter space I don’t have room for a cutting board

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