Five Ways to Make Owning a Dog Easier For Busy Families

By Shannon Gurnee
In Pets
August 21, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing about five ways to make owning a dog easier for busy families.

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Dogs can enrich our lives in many ways, but owning a pet is a lot of work too. Whether you didn’t realize just how much work it was going to take or your family has gotten busier over the years, making it more difficult to care for your pooch, there are things your family can do to make owning a dog a little easier.

Install a Doggy Door

You can spend a lot of time opening and closing the door, letting your dog in the yard to go potty. He’ll waste even more of your time if he convinces you to go outside just because he wants to play in the yard. It’s even worse if he wakes you up in the middle of the night begging to go in the backyard!

There’s no need to let your dog outside multiple times a day when you install a doggy door. Instead, your puppy is able to decide when he wants to go outside and when he wants to come back indoors. There’s no need for you to open the door to let him in or out.

Just make sure you secure your doggy door. Doors that only open with a microchip that’s added to your dog’s collar can keep intruders out. Make sure you put the door out of sight from the front of your home, and consider installing a motion sensor light to deter thieves.

Gravity Feeder

Feeding a dog is simple, but that doesn’t mean you’ll remember. It’s easy to forget Fido’s dog bowl during the hectic morning rush to get everyone ready for school, and it’s easy to forget to feed him in the evening between activities. Never forget to feed your beloved pet again by getting him a gravity feeder.

If you do decide to get your pet a gravity feeder, you should keep an eye on how much he is eating right at first. If your dog is prone to overeating, you may have to stick with a regular bowl. If that’s the case, you can still make things easier for your family by getting your pet a doggy water fountain so you don’t have to refill his water bowl multiple times a day.

Pet Services

If you find yourself short on time, there are many other pet professionals you can hire to help. A few pet services you can pay for include:

  • Pooper scooper service
  • Dog walker
  • Pet sitter
  • Doggy day care

Instead of training your dog on your own, it can be very helpful to hire a professional from Mike Lilley K9 to help. You’ll save a lot of time learning techniques that really work from a professional, and teaching your dog basic manners will make life easier for your entire family. If you are looking for a puppy training in boise, contact Momentum K9 services.

Fur Control

It doesn’t take long for dog hair to end up everywhere, and you can spend a lot of time trying to vacuum it all up. Take a little time to figure out a solution that will work for your family and you can save a lot of time managing the dog hair in your home.

For example, taking your dog to the groomer once a month is an easy way to get rid of all that dead hair in your pet’s coat before it ends up on your furniture. Giving your dog designated areas to sleep can help too. That way he gets his pet bed all hairy instead of the couch. Keep him off the bed if you’re tired of dealing with fur on your pillow, and make sure you put all your clothes away before you end up wasting time lint rolling your outfit in the morning.

Hands-Free Leash

Let your dog run around in the backyard protected by an aluminum fencing system installed by a dog fencing company. However, there are benefits of taking your pooch for a walk. Make it easier with a hands-free leash.

You can find hands-free leashes that go around your waist, but a carabiner is an easy way to clip the leash to a belt loop. That way you can text, browse the internet, or talk on the phone while you’re walking your dog.

Owning a dog can bring a lot of love and joy to your family, but it can be tiring too. It doesn’t matter if the kids are responsible for feeding the dog or you’re tired of using a lint roller on your black pants, these tips will make it easier for everyone in your family to care for your pet.

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