Gravita the Levitating Lamp is the Perfect Gift For Gadget-Lovers

By Shannon Gurnee
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August 6, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom I’m sharing a partnered guest post about Gravita – the Levitating Lamp that is the perfect gift for gadget-lovers.

Gravita Levitating Lamp

Every family has a tech-head or gadget geek, and we have to love them! They make our lives easier year-round by programming our appliances and installing helpful new apps on our phones. 

But at Christmas time, they are SO hard to shop for. Not only is it tough to find a gadget they don’t already have, but all the latest gear costs an arm and a leg. 

That’s why we were so happy to find Gravita this year. It packs everything that gadget-lovers want into a stylish package, and it doesn’t require you to put a second mortgage down!  

Gravita is a levitating lamp that triples as a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless charging dock. It’s got everything a techie loves—innovative technology, useful features, and of course, the cool-factor—and it’s on sale for a fraction of the cost of a new iPhone or a Playstation 5. 

You can get one during the limited pre-order phase for 50% off the retail price and it will ship to your door by Christmas. It will be the easiest year ever to shop for the gadget-lover(s) in your life!

Let’s take a quick look at why Gravita is the top gadget to gift in 2020.

It Really Levitates

Gravita Levitating Lamp

Even know-it-all gadget-lovers (aka teenage boys!) won’t be able to deny the cool factor of Gravita’s real levitation. 

It’s no trick. The light bulb levitates in mid-air with the help of electromagnets. Magnets in the base and bulb create a magnetic field when you plug in the lamp. This generates a levitating force that you can actually feel with your hands when you set the bulb in place. 

The bulb’s levitating power lasts forever. The magnets will never lose their attracting and repelling properties. Once you plug in the light, you can enjoy a calm and steady levitation for hours or days. It’s so strong that you can even spin the bulb for some zero-gravity fun.

Anyone who appreciates technology won’t be able to keep their eyes off of Gravita!

It Plays Music

Gravita Levitating Lamp

Gravita contains a Hi-Fi speaker system in its base, and you can pair it to any Bluetooth-compatible device. Basically, this means that you can use the lamp as wireless speaker for your phone, computer, tablet, or any other gadget. 

This can instantly upgrade the listening experience at your desk or in your bedroom, as Gravita’s speakers are much better than the ones in your devices. 

If your gadget lover makes or watches YouTube videos, better speakers will make videos more entertaining and content creation much easier. 

It Charges Your Phone Wirelessly

Gravita Levitating Lamp

You won’t need to use a charger to power your phone anymore! By setting your phone on Gravita’s wooden base, it will charge automatically with no wires required. 

Wireless charging is another cutting-edge advancement that most people don’t have yet. And you know what that means—it’s something that gadget-lovers want to get their hands on.

Gravita won’t just charge your phone, either. It can wirelessly charge any device that fits on its base charging port. 

And for other devices, it has two USB charging ports in the back of the base (USB-C and USB-A). This guarantees that Gravita can keep all of your devices charged from one convenient dock, clearing clutter and giving gadget geeks the sleek and wireless look they love.

It Enhances Focus

Gravita Levitating Lamp

Gravita’s light tone was calibrated to help you think more clearly and focus better. It was designed using color temperature theory, which suggests that different lighting colors and intensities can change our moods and even make us feel warmer or colder.

Gravita emits a warm color temperature that relieves stress and clears the mind. It feels like something between candlelight and a sunset. This is the perfect lighting for people who are always trying to do 5 things at once. It makes their lives easier by boosting focus, but it also keeps stress at bay and encourages them to slow down a bit. 

Gravita is a great lamp to use at work or to wind down at home. It can inspire ideas with its iconic floating bulb and relax the mind after a long day with its warm glow.  

It’s Exclusive

What do gadget-lovers really love? They love being the first one and the only one to have the coolest new tech.

That is a gift you can give with Gravita. This lamp is brand new, and only a few thousand are ready to ship before Christmas. If you grab one of the few remaining pre-order lamps (at 50% off the retail price!), your gadget-lover is guaranteed to have the only levitating device of anyone he or she knows. 

Bragging rights are really the best gift you can give a gadget-lover!

Gravita Makes Gadget Shopping Easy in 2020

Gravita Levitating Lamp

Picking out gadgets is usually the most difficult and most expensive part of Christmas shopping. But not this year! Gravita is the easiest buy on your list in 2020. Not only will it ship to your door by Christmas (a lifesaver, as some of us can’t leave the house to shop this year…), but it will also cost you much less than any other new gadget.

Order Gravita now and get 50% off the price. There are less than 600 units left at this pre-order price, and the holidays are fast approaching. Don’t wait to get the latest in levitation technology for your techie loved one this year!

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