Pre-Party Planning: How To Prepare Your Home For Guests

By Shannon Gurnee
In Birthday Parties
July 14, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about how to prepare your home for guests.

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Hosting a a kid’s birthday party or gathering at your home can be tough work. So you’ve invited your guests, planned your menu and organised some entertaining activities for everyone to enjoy as for the kids you can always hire soft play equipment manufacturers to prepare play areas for them. The last and most important step to planning the perfect party is ensuring that your home is picture perfect, pristine and ready to accommodate your guests. That means, unfortunately, cleaning, organising and ensuring that your space is not just clean but also a warm and inviting environment that everyone can enjoy! Today, we take a deep dive into how you can prepare your home for guests and host the perfect party. Read on to find out more.

Give Those Carpets and Floors A Clean

First off, we’ll start with the basics. If you’ve neglected giving your home a spring clean over lockdown season, the time to rectify that is now. Ensuring that your floors, rugs and carpets are squeaky clean is a great way to instantly spruce up any space. Before you even attempt to vacuum, sweep or mop, the first order of business is to remove any clutter or mess that has accumulated in your space. Less is more when you have a room full of people, so try to temporarily get rid of anything that doesn’t need to be there or causes an obstruction in your space (you can always replace these items once your guests have left). However, if you’d rather avoid any messes in the house then get some tent rentals from a tent rentals company and take the party outside.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of clutter, it’s time to give your space a good vacuum. Don’t forget to vacuum in tight corners, under furniture and be sure to take your time so that you do a good job. Once dust, debris and dirt have made their exit, it’s time to tackle those rugs and carpets. You’ll be amazed at how much unseen dirt accumulates on your rugs, so we highly recommend using a foam carpet cleaner to really give your carpets a good cleanse. This would also be a great time to pull out some carpet deodorizer to keep everything smelling clean, fresh and peachy! 

Give The Bathroom Some TLC

If you’re hosting a party, there is no doubt that your guests are going to use your bathroom. The last thing you want is for your powder room to be a complete mess, so giving it a little TLC is so very important. Ensure that you have stocked up on essentials such as toilet paper, eau de toilette, hand wash and hand towels. On the subject of towels, be sure to remove your bath towel from the space if you don’t want everyone using it as a hand towel! Last but not least, we recommend providing a plunger just in case something goes wrong — the last thing you want is for your guests to feel embarrassed! 

Attack The Kitchen

You’ll need  to ensure that your kitchen is in tip top shape for your party, so getting a head start on a deep kitchen clean is always recommended. If you’re lucky and find that your kitchen is already in pristine condition, this one will be a walk in the park. Be sure to clear out your refrigerator, wipe down surfaces and ensure that all your plates, bowls, glasses and silverware are nicely polished and free from stains, food build up or fingerprints. Oh, and don’t forget to empty the bins, polish that cooktop  and get rid of any kitchen table top clutter. It’s the little things that make a huge difference. 

Keep Precious Items Out Of Sight

If you have valuable items that you’d rather no one get their hands on, now is the perfect time to find a neat little hiding spot for them. For example, if you own a precious rug that you paid thousands of dollars for, chances are you’d rather not have someone spill a glass of wine on it. Take note of all the items in your home and be sure to keep valuable or sentimental items safe and away from the crowd. This way, you can relax during your party and not have to worry too much about items getting damaged or lost. 

Master Basic Table Settings

Since you’re hosting a party, why not pull out all the stops? If you’re hosting a dinner, one of the nicest things you can do for your guests is to master basic table settings. While there is absolutely no need to set a table for the Queen, it does make a big difference when you pay a little extra attention to how your dinner table is set up. A basic setting that you can build upon is as follows:

Basic Table Setting Instructions

  1. Lay a placemat on each spot of the table.
  2. Put a dinner plate in the middle of the placemat.
  3. Lay a napkin to the left of the dinner plate.
  4. Place a fork on the napkin.
  5. To the right of the plate, place the knife closest to the plate, blade pointing in. Place a spoon to the right of the knife.
  6. Place the water and wine glasses slightly above the plate, in between the plate and the utensils.
  7. Lastly, decorate the table with candles, flower arrangements or anything else that is in line with the theme of your party.


Plan The Perfect Playlist

No party is complete without some great music, so preparing a playlist ahead of time is a great way to keep stress at bay on the day itself. Depending on the theme and mood you are going for, music options will differ. A great way to ensure that everyone feels involved is to request for each guest to make a song suggestion which you can then add to your playlist. Never underestimate the power of music and its ability to bring people together! 


Always remember — a party is an event for both you and your guests to enjoy, so be sure to formulate a quick and efficient plan when it comes to cleaning and preparing your home for an event. By systematically working through the five points mentioned above, you’ll have your home ready for guests in no time, without having to get stressed out or overwhelmed along the way. All the best! 


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