10 Facts About Caring for Bearded Dragons

By Shannon Gurnee
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June 23, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about 10 Facts About Caring for Bearded Dragons.

10 things you should be familiar with while caring for your bearded dragon to ensure it grows healthily and thrives.

Bearded Dragons

Photo by Enrique Grisales from Pexels

Originating from the ‘Land Down Under’, bearded dragons are quite a popular choice when it comes to people’s first reptiles. They are relatively easy to care for, even with their distinct needs. It is, however, vital that you become familiar with your scaly baby’s specific requirements. So, keep on reading on to find out ten facts about caring for bearded dragons. If you’re ready to take care of a larger reptile as a pet, you may consider buying one of those ball pythons for sale.

Their Beard Manifests their Mood

Yes, you read that right! The ‘bearded’ in their name actually signifies something. If you want to figure out how your little friend is feeling, observe its beard. When either a female or male dragon is stressed, its beard turns a very dark shade of black. Other than that, they expand their beards when they sense danger to make themselves look bigger. The males’ beards also turn darker to impress their significant other during mating season. It’s mind-blowing how much they can convey just by a mere flap covered with spikes.

Their Sleeping Schedule is on Track

There are many reptiles who are active during nighttime. But bearded dragons love to bask in the sun. This means both you and your pet probably will be awake at the same time and be able to interact throughout the day. You can even take them out of their tank when you feel like it. 

They Eat Both, Plants and live insects Like Most Humans

Both of you have the same eating strategy! Bearded dragons are omnivorous as well. You have to feed your bearded dragon every day and offer insects at least three times a week. You could get them nutritious Dubia roaches from https://www.topflightdubia.com/. Be mindful that you will have to be comfortable preparing an insect-based meal for them every other day. Consult a veterinarian to find the multivitamin your scaly buddy requires thrice a week. If your bearded dragon is growing or is pregnant, it will need a specific diet regimen, for which you should also get in touch with a vet.

They Need Constant Care and Supervision From a Vet

If you want your bearded baby to not only grow healthily but also thrive, keep in mind that you need to be in contact with a veterinarian. Once you set up optimum conditions in the tank and a suitable feeding schedule, examine it for any intestinal parasites, and administer appropriate medication, you should be good to go with only a yearly visit to the vet. 

They Need Moisture, Warmth, and UV Radiation

For their smooth metabolic process, to properly form bones, and contract their muscles, UV light is extremely important. Lack of which will make their bones fragile and prone to fracture. They may also experience muscle tremors which can affect their internal organs and could even lead to death. 

Since the internal temperature of reptiles depends on their surroundings, it is essential that a temperature gradient is maintained in their tank with 70° on one end to cool down and 90° on the other where they will absorb UV light.

You are not the only one who has to stay hydrated, your scaly baby needs hydration as well. You can mist or soak them daily, plus allocate a bathtub that is a bowl full of water for it. They require a proper amount of moisture to shed efficiently, if that doesn’t happen they may have problems like skin retaining over their eyes. 

They Recognize their Human Parent

Turns out, dogs and cats are not the only pets that acknowledge the person that shelters and cares for them. Your scaly buddy will also be responding to your voice and touch. If you are a person who likes getting cuddly with animals, they are the most suitable reptile for you. But, do so with caution and remember to wash each time you hold them since all reptiles are carriers of salmonella. 

They are a Long-term Commitment

These lizards spend quite a bit of time on earth, with an average lifespan of five to eight years. With proper care, some have been reported to live longer. So look forward to at least half a dozen revolutions around the sun with your bearded friend. If you take care of them properly, it will undoubtedly be a fun journey. 

They are Diverse in their Appearance

Not only do they come in a plethora of hues, called ‘morphs’, the vividness, and shades of their color are responsive to changes in the environment. They might have spikes or be smooth, and can even be of various patterns. All in all, there is a good chance you will find one in your favorite color, pattern, and texture if appearance is an important factor to you. 

As Well as their Size!

Their optimum length is around 2 feet, but unfortunately due to inadequate nutrition and poor environment, their growth is often stunted. If you want a healthy grown bearded dragon, you need to ensure a perfectly suitable surrounding for it. 

They do Head Bobs and Leg Waves

When they encounter another reptile, they inflate their beards and bob their head rapidly to assert dominance. But will gently wave their forelegs in circles to express submission. When stressed, bearded dragons also bob their heads up and down. Only male ones vigorously bob their head before mating. This communication technique may be complex but is quite intriguing to observe. It could very well turn into a pastime for you. Some of them even respond to their own reflections. 

If you are considering getting a bearded dragon or already have one, please be aware of the immense responsibility that comes with it. They are living beings too, so treat them as such. Happy parenting a scaly creature!


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