Celebrity Inspired Jewelry Trends 2021

By Shannon Gurnee
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May 22, 2021
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Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about Celebrity Inspired Jewelry Trends in 2021.

Celebrity Fashion

As the world slowly gets back to caring about fashion and the hottest trends, more people are now into custom design rings and other personalized jewelry pieces that you can get if you decide to so some Estate Jewelry Buying. Let’s take a look at the gorgeous jewels celebrities wear in 2021. Hint – expect jaw-droppingly impressive designs that are easy to notice and showcase one’s personality!

Tiny Bags   

There was a time, long ago (2018, to be more exact) when women decided oversized, heavy bags are no longer needed. As a result, they switched to tiny bags that only fit lipstick, ID, and maybe a credit card. The trend was inspired by Simon Porte Jacquemus’s launch of Le Chiquito – the small bag. 

Well, the same designer now mesmerizes the world with Le Chiquito gold openwork earrings and necklaces that left the world in a daze after his 2021 runaway presentation. In addition, other big names followed so now you can choose between Chanel pendants shaped as their iconic quilted bag and Luis Vuitton trunks made into necklaces or cuffs. 

These are mostly aimed at their fandom, who appreciate and love fashionable leather goods and are happy to wear their allegiance out in the open. Of course, the trend inspired a wide array of novelty necklaces available from reliable retailers such as Diamondere.com

Rough Edges

2021 is a year for being bold and coloring outside the lines! As such, the new trend is in hammered metals that put the focus on imperfection. The so-called hammered metal technique makes jewelry pieces look like they’ve just been dug up from the earth, after several millennia down under. 

With this trend, it’s all about texture, which is why most items are oversized. 

Large and In Charge

If you’re a fan of Victoria Beckham’s line of jewelry, then you probably already noticed the trend. This season, both celebrities and designers push large, bold chains for necklaces, bracelets, Sterling Silver pinky rings formen, and even earrings. 

In this case, it’s all about size and the idea of carrying something that’s heavy-weighted. Of course, wearing handmade necklaces for sale is also about catching everyone’s eye and commanding attention. So, if you’re the kind of person who wants to be under the spotlight the moment you enter a room, gold chains for women are the best option. 

Pearls Everywhere

If you’re not a fan of oversized and/or over textured jewelry, you are not doomed to an outdated look. After all, there is so much more to fashion than just attention-grabbing pieces!

For instance, pearls are making a strong comeback this year. However, don’t expect anything too conventional. Designers made full use of their creativity to take the pearls out of grandma’s jewelry box and bring them in front of the younger generations. As a result, nowadays you can enjoy a beautiful string of pearls in all sizes, shapes, and colors that works just as well with casual and elegant wear. 

Large Earrings

Earrings that reach your shoulders and look heavy are easy to see on all big designers’ runaways. From Saint Laurent to Paco Rabanne, the main accessory is represented by huge earrings that drop and flop while looking fabulous. Their job is to frame the face and highlight the features that are usually ignored at a quick glance. Moreover, nowadays when masks are still a thing, a set of large earrings will make your eyes pop. 

Wrap Up  

In summary, 2021 is all about being bold and visible! The large pieces, with strong texture, and unconventional designs are the signature of this season and it’s easy to notice them on celebrities and commoners alike. Therefore, if you’re looking to be on top of the latest fashion trends, you mustn’t be shy – find your inner goddess and let her out, for everyone to see and admire. 


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