Long-Lasting Plants are the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

By Shannon Gurnee
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April 30, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about how long-lasting plants are the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

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Houseplants are the perfect Mother’s Day gift because there are plenty to choose from, are a low-cost option, and are often low maintenance. New gardeners may prefer plants that can hold up to neglect, like succulents or cactuses, while others may want to try their hand at the difficult yet beautiful orchid. Whatever their preference is, these plants are sure to impress.

Orchid: Cymbidium Variety

There are some orchids that are so difficult that even the most experienced gardeners will have issues keeping them alive. However, the commonly found Cymbidiums orchid can sustain a bit of neglect from first-time gardeners. Hugely popular for their unique petals and design, orchids come in almost every shape, color, and size and make wonderful Mother’s Day plants.

Although they have a fanatic appearance, they do need a lot of humidity, bright but indirect sunlight, and a clear, well-ventilated pot, so their roots have ample access to the sun.

Chrysanthemums: Don’t Choose Them in Yellow

Chrysanthemums, Mums, or Pot Mums are incredibly hardy and don’t tend to die even through prolonged neglect. That doesn’t mean you should top up their soil every now and then and keep them well watered; you’ll get more beautiful blooms that way. As long as you avoid putting them in a room with really high or low temperatures, they’ll grow well on a windowsill.

Don’t ever buy your Mom yellow Mums because you’ll tell her that you feel neglected, love or sorrow. Instead, pick red, white, or violet as they have nicer, friendlier meanings.

Succulents: Any Type Will Do

Succulents (and cactuses, for that matter) are incredibly simple to look after because their leaves suck in water and store it for later. There are plenty of unique looking succulents, like the Donkey Tail and String of Pearls, but the Jade Plant and Mother-In-Laws tongue are the most common. Simply place them near a window for indirect sunlight and water every few days.

Most Succulent Plant varieties prefer loose, moist soil and transplantation every six months. Keep them in a well-draining pot specifically formulated to keep cacti and succulents.

Azaleas: Thirsty Plants

Potted azaleas are a famous Mother’s Day present because they tend to reach their full height around the first 2 weeks of May. They are different from evergreen azaleas and have different needs, so be sure to tell your Mom that they aren’t as easy to care for as their wildflower counterpart. Stick to deep purple or pink for the colors association with love and royalty.

Azaleas are thirsty plants and need a lot of water. Ensure the soil never dries out completely, and place them in direct sunlight to keep this new plant happy and healthy.

Rose: A Mother’s Day Classic

Indoor roses are a sight to behold, but they need to be planted into a bed after their first year to last longer. Make sure your Mom has adequate space beforehand. Other than that, roses don’t require too much water and only a few hours of sunlight per day. Just make sure they aren’t placed in a room without ventilation because roses will wilt in high temperatures.

Potted roses enjoy a cool home with little humidity. Ask your Mom to place them on a porch or conservatory to keep them growing consistently before planting them in the yard.

Kalanchoe: Easy to Grow

While the kalanchoe isn’t as well known as the rest of the flowers on this list, they are wonderfully beautiful. Even the emerald green leaves are stunning to look at, but their massive petals are the star of the show. Kalanchoes are easy to grow and last for years, plus they’re easy to transplant and separate into smaller, more manageable blooms.

Similar to the rose, they prefer to be outside after a year or two indoors. For the time being, tell your Mom to give the kalanchoe plant plenty of sunlight and water.


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