How to Find the Perfect Comforter for Harsh Winters

By Shannon Gurnee
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January 9, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered post about How to Find the Perfect Comforter for Harsh Winters.

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Being able to stay warm during the winter is very important. We try to keep up with maintenance, performing important fixes like heat pump repair before the winter comes, when it might be more difficult to find a contractor or even stand the cold in the meantime. Just as important is sleep, which is where finding a comforter that will help keep you warm and cozy in bed to get proper rest comes in.

If you too are looking for extra warm heavy comforters for winters, knowing what exactly you should be looking for in your comforter will help you make an informed decision. So begin your search for the perfect winter comforter with the following checklist we have assembled for you.

Find the Right Fill

Your comforter’s filling plays a vital role in keeping you warm and cozy. However, to determine which filling type works for you, what you need to determine first is the way your body’s thermoregulation works. You don’t want to wake up all sweaty in the middle of the night; nor would an inadequately warm comforter work for you.

Filling materials are broadly divided into down and down alternative options. Down comforters are ideal for those who tend to sleep particularly cold. The spherical down clusters have a reputation for trapping your body heat throughout the night to provide superior insulation against the cold weather outside.

However, with a down comforter, you are equally prone to wake up all sweaty in the middle of the night. Manufacturers often mix down and feathers to come up with a down comforter with a relatively lower insulation value.

Down alternative options include either the synthetic or natural ones. Wool is a natural filling material that also manages to provide a good insulation value. It has remarkable thermoregulating properties that allow you to sleep without causing you to overheat. 

Synthetic fillings for comforters provide a moderate warmth. Most synthetic comforters are fit for all-seasons usage and thus should only be bought by those who prefer sleeping slightly cool even during winters.

Determine the Right Size

Do you often wake up in the middle of the night to ice-cold toes that were sticking out of the comforter? This suggests that your comforter does not support your body height.

For any individual looking to buy a comforter for winters, finding one that is at least 8” longer than your height is crucial. The said size ensures that you stay properly covered throughout the night to enjoy an undisturbed fitful slumber. An oversized comforter on the other hand can increase the overall weight of your comforter while making it difficult for you to handle it.

Look Out for the Comforter’s Weight

Comforters that are fit to be used year long are typically thin. This is because they allow a flow of air through them, preventing you from getting too warm during the winters. However, such thin comforters are generally useless when dealing with harsh winter nights and should therefore be avoided.

It is true that the greater the volume of filling there is, the better your comforter’s insulative properties shall be. However a greater volume also sometimes increases your comforter’s weight. Where thin comforters fail to keep you adequately warm, heavier ones can therefore become difficult to handle. The weight of your comforter should be such that it does not cause you discomfort but keeps you cozy at the same time.

Moreover, a higher fill subsequently makes your comforter considerably less breathable, causing night sweats to disturb your sleep. What you need is a somewhat heavy comforter, that is neither too heavy to cause discomfort, nor too thin to be used in winters.

Construction Makes the Difference

Once you have considered the fill type, power, and weight of your comforter, it is now time to check out the technique used in its construction.

You wouldn’t want the superior filling inside your comforter to clump and shift as you sleep. It will essentially leave certain areas of your body exposed to the chill. The baffle box construction type takes this into consideration and comes up with a unique checkerboard stitching design with fabric baffles constraining the filling inside.

Some comforter manufacturers go a step ahead and incorporate gusseted channels to allow for a higher fill power and a better loft. Also, don’t forget to check the kind of fabric used in construction and its thread count.

Determining Value for Money

Last but not the least, you need to see whether or not the comforter’s price stays consistent with the value it offers. If the filling material is good, the size works for you, the weight is just right and the comforter’s construction is absolutely spot on, paying a little extra to snuggle into your perfect extra warm comforter wouldn’t be so bad of a deal!

That being said, however, you still need some market research to compare the specifications and prices of various comforters, in order to find out the one that works for you.


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  1. Shelly Peterson says:

    These are some great tips.

  2. Brandy Crabtree says:

    Great tips! I would love a large fluffy down comforter, but I feel like I’d get too warm in the middle of the night.

  3. Donna Porter says:

    I learned so much for this article. I have been wanting a down comforter but after reading not sure it is for me since I stay so hot at night.

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