Outside-the-Box Christmas Gifts for Your Kids  This Year

By Shannon Gurnee
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December 20, 2020

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about Outside-the-Box Christmas Gifts for Your Kids.

Christmas Gifts

The holidays are fast approaching, and if you haven’t shopped for your kids yet, you need ideas — quickly. What if you can’t find the latest hit toy on store shelves, or it’s priced well out of your budget?

Relax — you won’t look like the Grinch when you get a bit creative. Consider the following 13 outside-the-box Christmas gifts for your kids this year.

1. A Chemistry Set

Chemistry makes up the world at the atomic level, so it pays to know a little bit about it. Delight your budding lab rat with a chemistry set that elevates their homeschool science curriculum and lets them have fun.

Don’t worry — your child won’t turn into Walter White overnight. However, they will learn about atoms and how they combine to form various substances. Don’t be surprised when you see a “volcanic eruption” in your kitchen.

2. A Playset

Young bodies need and crave exercise to develop mentally and physically. The gift of a playset encourages healthy outdoor activity in your youth — plus, it makes your backyard the neighborhood favorite.

For the most years of outdoor fun, look for models that you can expand. Many come with optional add-ons such as monkey bars, tire swings and crawl tunnels. Up your exercise quotient by playing with your child — you’ll be amazed at how it reduces stress.

3. Custom Made Socks

If you’re looking for a unique and personalized gift for your child this Christmas, consider getting them a pair of custom-made socks, or as they call it in Germany, “socken”. These foto socken can be customized with a picture of your child’s favorite pet, superhero, or even a family photo. Not only are they stylish and fun, but they also make for a practical gift that your child will use every day. Plus, since they are made specifically for your child, they are sure to fit perfectly and keep their feet warm during the cold winter months. Make this Christmas extra special with a pair of personalized socks for your child to wear all year long.

4. An Herb Garden

Does your little one have a green thumb? If so, indulge their love for growing things with an herb garden that lets them enjoy their favorite spring-and-summer hobby year-round.

You’ll benefit, too, when you ask to borrow a sprig of oregano for your pasta sauce. Your child can learn about plant lifecycles and how to nurture the soil to produce tastier crops.

5. A Telescope

Does your family adore camping in your backyard or patio? Why not make the experience more exciting and educational with the gift of a telescope for stargazing?

You don’t have to drop a ton on a costly model. Many stores feature beginner options at modest price points.

6. A Cookbook

Does your little one love spending time in the kitchen — and not just to lick the beaters? Give them the gift of a cookbook so they can expand their culinary expertise.

If your children are younger, you’ll need to supervise them while whipping up their next masterpiece. However, weekly food prep is more fun with two sets of hands.

Birdhouse Kit

7. A Birdhouse Kit

What species of birds occupy your yard? If your feathered friends supplied you with free entertainment during quarantine, reward their performance with a cozy home for the winter.

Give your kids the gift of a birdhouse kit so they can grow their young carpentry skills. You can also hone your talent when you help put it together.

8. A Book Club Subscription

Does your child love to read? If so, they have a jumpstart on their classmates — encourage their passion.

Give them the gift of a book club subscription so they have something to look forward to in the mail. Some versions include bookmarks and stickers along with the new reading material.

9. A Fun Fitness App

Child obesity is a rising problem in America, and all that homeschool screen time doesn’t help matters. Why not help your kid get moving with a fun fitness app full of their favorite activities?

Make track practice more like the film set of “The Walking Dead” with apps like “Zombies, Run.” You can also find ones dedicated to dance or kickboxing.

10. A Bed Tent

If your little ones share a room, privacy can come at a premium, and conflicts can arise.

Give your kids a haven with the gift of a bed tent that becomes their oasis from the world. This idea does double-duty if they’re close to college-age and must prepare to share a dorm room.

11. A Custom Desk

Is your child still doing their homework at the kitchen table? Show them you take their academics seriously with the gift of a desk where they can homeschool like a productivity boss.

Look for a version with plenty of nooks for stashing supplies and maybe a few snacks. Measure to ensure the seat is a comfortable height.

12. A Birding Field Kit

Getting outside more has considerable mental and physical health benefits. Encourage your child to take up bird-watching by putting together an observation kit complete with binoculars, an identification guide and a notebook.

Your child can spend hours wandering your nearby park or nature center. They can identify various species and jot down observations about their habits as Darwin once did with Galapagos critters.

13. A Learn-to-Knit Set

Knitting is a phenomenal way to relax. Plus, when you finish a project, you have something to keep you snuggly warm this winter.

Get your child the gift of a learn-to-knit kit and watch them master hats and afghans. If you have a relative with a knack for purl-two, why not connect them via Zoom for personal lessons?

14. An Exciting New Class

If your child has done homeschool for months, you might think they wouldn’t relish more computer learning time. However, there’s a huge difference between what you want to learn and what you have to do to make the grade.

Sites such as Udemy offer courses on everything from foraging to coding, often for prices under $20. If your kiddo shows interest in coding, give them a jumpstart on their future STEM career.

Consider These Outside-the-Box Christmas Gifts for Your Kids This Year

If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, don’t panic if store shelves are thinning. Consider one of these outside-the-box Christmas gifts for your kids this year.


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