Activities for Bored Kids

By Shannon Gurnee
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November 8, 2020

Today, on Redhead Mom, I am sharing about Activities for Bored Kids, in partnership with Vuly Play.

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Activities for Bored Kids

Are you kids constantly telling you that they’re bored and have nothing to do? It can be a struggle for any parent to find ways to keep their children entertained, whether it’s just a weekend, or the longer school holiday breaks.

But with a little planning on your behalf, there are ways that you can keep kids busy and having fun on a low budget. Here are some ideas to suggest the next time you hear the phrase “I’m bored”.

Scavenger Hunt

A favorite among children and for good reason, a scavenger hunt is an easy activity to set up that keeps kids thoroughly occupied. Find a few unique items and scatter them around the house and yard. Provide a few clues to where they can be found and watch them set off in a race to find them.

Scavenger hunts work best with two teams competing against each other (the winners finding the most scavenged items), but it can still be a fun time for a single child. You can make it more of a collection task – for example, if you’re out hiking see if your child can find particular items out in nature. It could be a type of flower, a pinecone, bird feather, anything that they can keep an eye out for.

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Get the Bikes Out

Bikes can sometimes be forgotten locked away in a garage and storage, but they are a fantastic suggestion for bored kids. If they still aren’t motivated to get on their bikes, plan a cycle trip to a new location, or down to the local skate park. You can also buy MX graphics in Australia to make the bike look brand new and encourage the kids to ride it more frequently. Dirt tracks can also make bike riding more exciting, where they can perform the jumps and stunts they learned from a cycling coaching plan.

Riding is a great way to get children outdoors for some physical exercise. It can also provide social opportunities for your kids and their friends to go out exploring. If your children don’t own bikes and are always telling you how bored they are, buying them some could be a perfect solution. Just remember to buy kids bikes that will fit their size, as it will reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Home Olympic Games

Sometimes all you need is to take some good, old classic games and add a competitive edge to them to truly keep kids interested. Framing games as your Home Olympics will make each activity that little bit more exciting. Games can include musical dance-offs, a water balloon relay, egg and spoon race or even a hula hoop endurance test – whatever you can dream up!

To complete the Olympics theme, print out some medals and use string or ribbon to thread the ends together. Wearing a gold medal is sure to put a smile on the winner’s face.

Make a Blanket Fort

Strip their beds for blankets and pillows and let their creative juices run wild in building the classic blanket fort. Use furniture as support beams and spread the sheets over them to build the foundation of the fort. Pillows can add soft, comfy areas where kids can both relax and play.

A blanket fort is an ideal place to read, play some free solitaire or some board games or even have a sleepover. Provide flashlights at night and watch their imagination run wild.

kids baking cookies

Cooking and Baking

Often overlooked but a great way to keep kids busy, cooking or baking provides a delicious outcome and a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Cooking and baking can also include important skills like following instructions, maths within a recipe and see how different elements come together to make something tasty.

Sweets are often a good choice, but savory snacks can be just as yummy – think banana muffins or chicken parcels, yum!


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