4 Truck Maintenance Tips Every Truck Owner Must Know About

By Shannon Gurnee
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September 1, 2020

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4 Truck Maintenance Tips that Every Truck Owner Must Know About.

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Like any other fuel-powered vehicle on this planet, trucks also have several maintenance requirements that must be fulfilled for proper functioning. For business owners they may consider fleet graphics for commercial trucks to help them achieve their marketing goals! Truck drivers and operators may also be required to secure Overweight Permits and special licenses. They also need to conduct regular truck maintenance.

However, sometimes, truck owners are not able to optimally maintain their vehicles, which gives rise to issues in the machinery.

With this post, we are trying to keep those issues from cropping up. Here are four truck maintenance tips that are useful for all truck owners, and so, they must know about these.

1. Routine Checkup

If you own a commercial truck, the chances are that your truck clocks several thousand miles every month. To ensure your truck’s good health, you must make regular maintenance checks.

From checking the engine oil quality to taking a close look at the oil filter and air filter, you must do it all.

It’s also crucial to maintain your truck’s brakes. So, check your brake pads every other week. This will help you become aware of any upcoming issues that may grow up and hinder your truck’s performance in the near future.

Regular service should also be a top priority for you.

2. Keep Your Engine Clean

Yes, most of us know the importance of keeping our truck’s engine’s interior clean. Surely, that maintains good performance and functionality. However, in this section, we aren’t talking only about that.

Just like it’s important to keep your engine’s interiors clean, you must ensure cleanliness around its exteriors as well.

As your truck travels hundreds of miles, its engine’s exteriors may grease up, and heavy dust particles may accumulate on its surface.

The worst happens when debris from this dust enters the internal components of your engine. That can cause severe damage. So, along with your truck engine’s internal cleanliness, maintain cleanliness on the outside as well.

3. Avoid Cheap Spare Parts

Every person that owns a truck has a choice to make while selecting spare parts.

Either we can go for a counterfeit or an otherwise cheaper set of spare parts, or we can invest the right amount of money to buy a good quality part that’d fit well with our truck’s mechanisms.

And honestly, if you are going for the cheaper option, you might end up harming the other parts as well. While buying quality parts from shops like Truck Electrics will help you keep most problems at bay.

So, be wise and make a smart choice. Buy your truck’s spare parts from a trusted store like Parts Geek, who’s really a Truck Parts Geek.

4. Rotate Your Tires

Even though all of your truck’s tires are in use when the truck is being driven on the road, not all the tires do the same amount of work.

This means that each of your truck’s tires gets worn off in a different manner.

And when the same scenario is repeated for a long period of time, one side or corner of your truck may lose height, while the other one may become higher.

Plus, this causes uneven damage to your tires due to which all your tires will wear off at different times.

To prevent this, it’s advised to keep rotating your tires at regular intervals. This will help you maintain an even amount of tread wear on all of your truck’s tires.

If you want to know more about rotating your truck’s tires, you can ask your tire change technician for assistance.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining a truck isn’t the easiest of the tasks. And as your truck clocks more miles, it becomes more prone to issues and maintenance calls. This makes it even more challenging to look after your truck. In case your truck breaks down in the middle of the road, you may have to contact a towing services provider.

With this post, we tried to ease that burden off for you. Hopefully, this blog was helpful to you.


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