Practice Tests, Books and Training: Effective Tools for ISC2 CISSP Exam Preparation

By Shannon Gurnee
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August 5, 2020
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Today, our blog post about Practice Tests, Books and Training:
Effective Tools for ISC2 CISSP Exam Preparation
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Being one of the most recognized credentials in the world, the CISSP badge sets the industry standard in cybersecurity. As such it is expected that its exam is extensive and detailed hence requires effective preparation. The next section will describe some effective study resources for this accreditation but first, let us look at what is inz this Read More on Prepaway Website Here .

CISSP Test Details

The CISSP assessment is offered in two versions: the CAT and Linear options. The CAT CISSP was created for English-speaking candidates where they will have to solve 100-150 questions within 3 hours. The Linear Exam-Labs Website URL Here will contain 250 tasks that must be completed within 6 hours and its applicants speak such languages as German, French, Spanish, Japanese if to name a few. Overall, the CISSP syllabus focuses on the eight major concepts which are commonly known as CBKs (Common Bodies of Knowledge). These are asset security, identity and access control, security engineering, security operations, software creation security, security analysis & testing, security risk management, and network as well as communications security. Each of these domains is crucial and that’s why reliable study materials are required to cover them extensively.

CISSP Exam Study Resources

Effective exam preparation tools include:

  • Training

ISC2 provides applicants with various training options including classroom-based, online instructor-based, online self-paced, and private on-site courses. These training sessions are engaging and interactive to ensure that CISSP Certification Practice Exam all the concepts tested in the exam.

  • Official books and study guides

The ISC2 official website has coordinated study guides to help you go through all the domains tested in the CISSP test. One such book is the Official (ISC)Β² CISSP CBK Reference, Fifth Edition by John Warsinske, and .

  • Practice tests

Practice tests help candidates to determine what details they might have missed out on and what topics need more effort. This is because they have answers that you can check for yourself. What is more, sample tests give you the opportunity to experience the real setting of the exam, which will boost your confidence and eliminate stress. But it is vital to find only trusted resources for quality practice tests. One reliable source of such mocks includes

  • Official CISSP flashcards

Flashcards help you to prep for the CISSP Certification Training Course of your location. The cards test your familiarity with words relevant to the cybersecurity discipline while giving you instant feedback on whether or not your response is correct. Visit the ISC2 official website to find out more about how you can acquire flashcards and how to use them.


Nowadays the internet, if used properly, has made it easier for candidates to pass their certification exams, including the ISC2 CISSP assessment. There are many self-study resources out there for you to exploit as the ones mentioned above are just a few! However, you should be keen to verify your sources to ensure that you use up to date materials. Also, use more than one prep tool to cover all the exam topics. And don’t forget that reliable practice tests are your true friend in your prep! Good luck!


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