Fun Face Masks Your Kids Will Want To Wear

By Shannon Gurnee
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July 28, 2020

Today, on Redhead Mom, we’re sharing a sponsored guest post about Fun Face Masks Your Kids Will Want to Wear.

hoo rags kids face mask

image provided by Hoo Rags

Wearing face masks can be a pretty scary thing for a lot of people, especially during these unprecedented times. It can make us feel claustrophobic and a bit out of breath. It’s only natural that our kids might feel the same. So we asked the question, how can we make wearing face masks a bit more enjoyable? Here are five face masks we found that are super cute and will even have parents wanting to find adult sizes to join in the fun. 

Hoo-Rag Face Mask For Kids

Hoo-Rag has some really great and colorful patterned face masks for your kids. Kids are more likely to want to wear something they love, rather than just for practicality. These face masks are soft against the skin and help prevent sweat from building up around your face. They can also be doubled as a headband, which makes it easy for our kids to push the face covering off their face when they get home, instead of fiddling with elastics or ties. 

Disney Face Masks for Kids

Kids absolutely love Disney, so what better way to encourage our children to wear masks than to find one of their favorite Disney characters on a facial mask. Disney has created their own face mask range and some are just simply adorable. From baby Yoda to Mike Wazowski, there are so many characters to choose from. What’s even better is they make sizes for adults too, so that the whole family can enjoy Disney fun together.

Target Cat & Jack Cloth Face Masks

Unicorns are in right now with the kid crowd. We love these simple but adorable masks you can find at Target. How else to convince your kids to wear masks, but offer them unicorns or pretty stars to wear when they help with the groceries? It’s a great way to encourage imaginative play too. Talk about what the unicorns would do if they had to wear face masks and open up the conversation to help make wearing face coverings a less scary experience. 

Brave New Look Animal Printed Face Masks

These Kawaii Animal Printed masks are amazing. They come in family packs so everyone can sport some whiskers or a cute button nose. These masks have multi layer carbon filter inserts which means you can rest easy knowing your child is protected wherever they wear their masks. These Brave New Look masks also have a lot of patterns to choose from. They come in packs of one, two or four so why not allow your child to choose their mask for the day. 

The Sis Kiss Color Me Face Masks

This last mask by The Sis Kiss is one we can all get behind. The Sis Kiss have crafted a face mask you can color in, and for bonus points they come in adult and kid sizes too. How much better do things get when you can relax for an afternoon of coloring in matching masks with your children? By allowing your kids to put their own crafty touches on their face masks, you’re helping break down any reservations your children might have when it comes to mask wearing. 


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