Visit Santa Maria Valley Welcomes Visitors Back, Safely and Responsibly

By Shannon Gurnee
In California
June 19, 2020

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing about Visiting the California Central Coast
in partnership with the Santa Maria Valley Visitors Bureau.

Visit Santa Maria Valley

I love living here on the California Central Coast. It’s a beautiful part of California and I honestly don’t see myself moving from here anytime soon. I love being near the ocean (about a 20 minute drive for us), as well as great weather year round (we don’t get snow storms or extreme summer temperatures). Let’s not forget the perk of having easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis (including strawberries). Plus, there is a wide selection of wineries one can visit as well! While the California Central Coast is normally a vacation destination for many, that all changed when COVID-19 hit. Things are starting to change again.

The Santa Maria Valley Visitors Bureau is calling on Californians to rediscover the amenities of Santa Maria Valley in California’s Central Coast region. The area’s wine tasting rooms, outdoor spaces, restaurants and hotels have worked together to develop and continuously evolve COVID-19 health and safety protocols so that locals and visitors alike may experience the charm and friendliness of the region, where people are treated like family.

“We understand that each couple, family or individual will determine the rate at which they’re comfortable traveling again,” said Jennifer Harrison, director of tourism for Visit Santa Maria Valley. “Santa Maria Valley is open and we want to embrace our guests as an ideal place to explore. We are following protocols from the CHC, state and local officials as well as from guidance from our governor to ensure our experiences are safe and memorable.” 

Santa Maria Valley Vineyards

Known for being unpretentious and less crowded than other California destinations, a 3-day road trip to Santa Maria Valley can be experienced for $500 or less. This includes activities such as dining on Santa Maria Style barbecue and other locally-loved food, wine pairings that can be enjoyed outdoors and excursions through the area’s wide open spaces. 

Visitors can create their own 3-day itinerary by packaging together a desired list of amenities. An example itinerary for two people can consist of:


Locations will have limited capacities, so it is suggested that Santa Maria visitors contact the business ahead of your visit to check on the latest updates. Reservations are required for wine tasting rooms.

“We inspire Californians to explore or rediscover areas in their state’s backyard,” said Harrison. “The impact it has on our tourism industry’s economic recovery is huge. Santa Maria Valley offers the open spaces and uncrowded scenery that many travelers may desire while being able to get away. Let’s get back together again.” 

Get inspired for your next visit. Visit the Santa Maria Valley website to learn more on how you can get back together and uncork a new set of memories on the Central Coast.

About Santa Maria Valley:

Serving the greater Santa Maria Valley in the heart of California’s Central Coast, the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau is a nonprofit association that facilitates local tourism and provides information on the region’s many attractions and visitor services. Famed for its fine wines, natural wonders, agricultural heritage and flavorful barbecue, the Santa Maria Valley offers a broad range of cultural, sporting and historical experiences. For details on Santa Maria Valley lodging, wine tasting, travel deals and e-newsletter alerts, visit or call (800) 331-3779.

What do you like about Santa Maria Valley?


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36 Responses to “Visit Santa Maria Valley Welcomes Visitors Back, Safely and Responsibly”

  1. How fabulous that so many businesses have come together to agree on adopting COVID 19 measures and sending the message that Santa Maria Valley will be safe and open for visitors. Such a naturally beautiful region which is spread out and offers so many experiences would be attractive to so many who love the outdoors. This has to be much safer and more relaxing than many other tourism destinations I could think of. A great way to spend part of the summer.

  2. Ann says:

    Oh yes, I would love to go there!
    It just seems like the right place to have a half way out of 2020 relaxing weekend!

  3. Nothing, really since I have never been there before. I would love to take a tour in the green, though.

  4. Gervin Khan says:

    This is definitely the place to be, I love being surrounded by green environment as I’m a nature loving person. Thanks for sharing this amazing place, will surely go here in the near future.

  5. Ann says:

    I love being surrounded by green nature. This is definitely a place to be.

  6. Brianne says:

    Holy moly! I would love to take a trip there with my husband. I think it would be so romantic.

  7. Bill says:

    Santa Maria Valley sounds like an excellent getaway for couples. The atmosphere feels like the perfect place for a couple to recharge together.

  8. Monidipa says:

    One of my friends lives there near Santa mAria Valley.The pictures look lovely, so peaceful.

  9. I have been to California but not that part. It looks beautiful and I think it would make a wonderful trip.

  10. Ooh I’d love to visit! It sounds amazing!

  11. the santa maria valley is a beautiful vacation spot, no doubt. i am sure as people start feeling comfortable they’ll want these day trips that allow them to travel in their cars versus planes.

  12. Jay Aguirre says:

    Oh wow what a beautiful region. I’ll have to take a look into a visit there. Have been looking to visit more places within the country!

  13. Romy says:

    Talk about timing! I am headed to Santa Ynez/Santa Maria tomorrow so I will checkout some of your suggestions, thanks so much!

  14. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    Beautiful place! It does look like it will offer a very relaxing vacation, and with all the measures they have put in place, it will definitely take my anxiety away!

  15. Matt Taylor says:

    I grew up in San Jose. You are right, that area of California is beautiful. So many things to do, and so close to places like Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, etc.

  16. katrina Kroeplin says:

    now that is someplace i could go and relax in. now i just need my boyfriend to take me

  17. Melanie williams says:

    What a lovely place to visit for sure. You are so lucky to have this near to where you live x

  18. Ann says:

    I would definitely love to go there primarily for wine tasting. It is at the top of my todo list.

  19. Oh that’s very good to know! I wasn’t actually aware of that, so thanks very much for letting me know!

  20. Emman Damian says:

    I haven’t been to California Central Coast. I hope to see Santa Maria Valley soon!

  21. What a beautiful place to go. Perfect to unwind and have a relaxing date with your partner.

  22. Lyanna Soria says:

    Santa Maria Valley sounds like a wonderful place to visit sometime. The area is quite beautiful as well.

  23. Amber Myers says:

    How gorgeous. I’d love to get here one day. It looks like such a relaxing spot.

  24. Jen says:

    I haven’t been to CA in 25 years and would love to go back. My husband’s job is based in San Fran although he works from home here in the Chicago area

  25. I would love to go to California and that valley sounds so nice. It seems to have everything a good vacation should have.

  26. GiGi Eats says:

    I just love that things are opening up again!!! Makes me so so so so so happy!

  27. Sarah Bailey says:

    This sounds like an absolutely incredible place to go and visit – it is wonderful they are being able to welcome people back in a safe and responsible way.

  28. I’m so distraught on whether or not to travel at this point. I went to visit my parents, but I didn’t feel 100%

  29. Monica says:

    I am jealous of your weather! I live in IL. Land of the frigidly LONG winters.

  30. heather says:

    Santa maria valley looks amazing! I can’t wait to start traveling again, hopefully soon.

  31. Tasheena says:

    This would be a wonderful place for my family to visit.

  32. Catalina says:

    OMG! Wonderful! I would like to stay these for life. A glass of wine, a beautiful sunset and that view is all I need in this life!

  33. Kathy says:

    Sounds like a wonderful place to go. I may need to check this place out too. I could go for some great wine.

  34. I love to hear more and more places opening! Can’t wait to get life back to normal.

  35. Jessica Formicola says:

    I’ve never been to Santa Maria Valley, but it looks like a beautiful place to visit! Definitely adding to mu bucket list!

  36. Good to hear they are opening again safely for everyone and making the changes needed

    Laura x

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