Top 10 Free Online Courses for Youth

By Shannon Gurnee
In Education
June 3, 2020

Today, on Redhead Mom, we’re sharing a sponsored guest post about the Top 10 Free Online Courses for Youth.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are currently a hot topic in the educational world. They provide access to information, flexibility, and are of high use for young people who cannot afford the cost of traditional education. Online courses make it possible for people to develop the necessary skills at their own pace and time. Not to mention, they are much more affordable. Some of the courses even come free of charge.

If you are ready to reap the many benefits of online courses, you have come to the right place. The 10 MOOCs in this list are some of the top-rated educational programs and can be studied free of charge.

1. Write 101x: English Grammar and Style

The renowned University of Queensland has prepared a course for introductory level English studies. This course takes students through 8 weeks of reading, speaking, and writing in the English language.

This course has received high praise from students who struggle with the language, similarly to the college paper writing service that writes their complex papers for school. It’s taught by three community members of the university and mixes years of experience in tutoring, communication, and linguistics studies.

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2. Introduction to Computer Science

Otherwise known as Udacity’s CS 101 course, this MOOC will provide you with basic information about computer science. Technology is a leading force today, so learning the fundamentals is a smart move for every young person who aims to succeed in the modern world.

This course teaches problem solving, data management, responding to queries, the ways programs run, as well as the history of computing. It’s taught by David Evans, a professor at the University of Virginia.

3. Introduction to Philosophy

For those who love the Philosophy field, the University of Edinburgh has created an amazing course that you can audit for free on the Coursera website. This course covers the main topics in contemporary philosophy, the philosophy of mind and of science, metaphysics, and moral philosophy.

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4. Algorithms: Design and Analysis

Stanford’s course about algorithms explains everything about practical data structures, divide and conquer methods, as well as randomized algorithms. To take this course, you need to have proficiency in some programming language like Java, C, or Python, as well as understand proofs by contradiction and induction. If you do, you’ll definitely enjoy the course led by an award-winning professor of Computer Science, Tim Roughgarden.

5. Introduction to Public Speaking

Public speaking is a very useful skill to have nowadays. The popular University of Washington has made it possible for everyone to learn the fundamentals of speaking in front of an audience. Their course unravels the theory of public speaking and teaches practical tips. It also teaches students how to create arguments and a great thesis that the audience will understand and like.

6. Programming for Everybody

Programming is in high demand today and starting with a course about Python is a great investment in your self-development. You don’t need any educational background to take this course except for basic understanding of mathematic concepts. The course is taught by Charles Severance, a professor at the Michigan University.

7. Social Psychology

This course will tell you useful things about human behaviour. Wesleyan University’s course on Coursera covers topics like decision making, social psychology, personal attraction, and persuasion. All of these can be really useful in the lives and career of young people. The course is thought by a PhD, award-winning psychology professor named Scott Plous.

8. Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship

Becoming an entrepreneur in today’s competitive workforce is not easy. The youth needs some help and guidance, and the course by the University of Maryland is ideal to get you started. This course teaches students of the stages of launching their new business. It includes topics like business plan creation, the startup process, etc.

9. Think Again: How to Understand Arguments

In your life, you’ll need to reason and argue many times. You’ll need to be persuasive, argumentative, and prove your point. But, you also need to learn how to listen. Thankfully, Duke University has created a free course that will teach you about it all. The course is taught by Chauncey Stillman, a professor of Practical Ethics, and Sinnott-Armstrong, a professor of Philosophy at Duke.

10. Learning How to Learn: Powerful Mental Tools to Help You Master Tough Subjects

Finally, there’s the course for young students who struggle to complete their educational years. The course by UC San Diego is an excellent guide on two useful ways that will help you master the toughest materials and subjects.

Have you picked which course to take first? For most MOOC courses today, you have to pay extra to get a certification but thankfully, some sites allow you to audit and access the very useful material free of charge.

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