Start a Healthy New Year with Noom

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health
January 16, 2020

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It’s the beginning of the year and many of us have made and are trying to stick with the New Year’s resolutions (or goals as I like to call them) we’ve made with this new year. A lot of us have set the goal to become healthier – whether it is working out, eating healthier, getting more sleep or losing weight. If you’ve wanted to lose weight, you’ve most likely checked out the different diets out there, such as the Paleo diet, the Keto diet, Weight Watchers, or Jenny Craig. Honestly, the list goes on and on with different diets out there.

Pilates is also a popular exercise that has been gaining traction in recent years. It is a low-impact workout that focuses on building strength, flexibility, and endurance through controlled movements. While it is often associated with toning and improving posture, many people wonder if Pilates is good for weight loss. Pilates can be an effective tool for weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. This information was provided by lifestyle to the max.

I’ve known many friends and family members who have started these diets eager to lose weight, but they just end up quitting them because they were too hard or just weren’t working. That’s where Noom comes into play – it’s more about the behavior changes and small goals that make a difference. Lose weight for good with Noom.


What is Noom?

Noom is a wellness program that includes a weight-loss expert and group support, both of which help you to create better lifelong habits that result in a healthier life. Noom CEO and co-founder Saeju Jeong says, “It’s not a diet – it’s a unique behavior change course that uses psychology and small goals to change your habits so you can lose weight and keep it off for good.”

One of the key goals of Noom is to help you overcome emotional and psychological barriers that may prevent you from enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Noom’s proven psychology-based approach identifies your deep-rooted thoughts and triggers, and then builds a custom game plan to help you form healthy habits, faster. Noom has been featured in the New York Times, Women’s Health, Shape, Forbes, ABC and more. Noom has also helped over 45 million people worldwide to build healthy habits and achieve their health goals. How great is that??

Did you know that people who use Noom lose an average of 18 pounds in just 16 weeks? 78% keep the weight off for over a year. With Noom, you’ll learn how to navigate your environment, challenge your thoughts, master your triggers, and overcome any barrier that might come your way.


What do you get with Noom?

  • Scientifically-proven psychology approach to “trick” your body into building healthy habits, faster
  • Expertise designed to help you set and achieve your short- and long-term goals, and provide you with as much daily support and accountability you need — you decide!
  • Personalized feedback from your weight-loss expert based on your activity and progress
  • Tools to track your weight, food, exercise, blood pressure, and blood sugar all in one place
  • Interactive content with over 250+ new articles, including choose-your-own adventure style guides to apply our #PsychTricks into your daily life, seamlessly
  • Smarter technology to identify your challenges in real time and keep you on track
  • Custom meal + workout Plans available to take your progress to the next level
  • The most comprehensive food database, with over half a million new and updated food logging options and barcodes to make your experience even better
  • An award-winning, battery-friendly pedometer to count your steps


Try Noom’s 14 Day Trial!!!

Have you heard of Noom before? What do you like about it?


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  1. bernie wallace says:

    I am trying to loose weight this year. This is an interesting tool.

  2. Leela says:

    I’ve never heard of it before. I am always interested in trying new recipes.

  3. shelly peterson says:

    This sounds interesting. I will have to look more into this.

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