5 Ways to Shine Your Home with DIY Decor

By Shannon Gurnee
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December 31, 2019

Today, we’re sharing about 5 Ways to Shine Your Home with DIY Decor as a partenered guest post.

Decorating Your Home

You can count the number of persons that do not like to decorate their own house. Everyone loves to decorate their home. To see their home with some beautiful items that strike anyone’s eyes and grasps, all of their attention is all that everyone craves for. To begin with, the right choice and proper use of home appliances make your home efficient and tidy. A well-written website can help you with this. Kelly Hoppen, Nate Berkus, Kelly Wearstler, and the infamous Jean-Michel Frank. If you have heard these names, then you probably know a pinch about home decor.

Home decor, as explained on Just DIY Decor is one of the main aspects that any person wants to take place when their brick house takes a from in their dream home. Never take any action without consulting expertise in the field of house decor. We repeat, ‘Never.’

And there is no need to rely on money for beauty completely. Sometimes the beauty lies in the simplicity and a little tweak of minimalism. And when you keep it up on your arm, then the appraisals that you get belongs all to you. So here we have a complete list of ways to shine your home with DIY Decor. Before you proceed with any home decor projects, you should check if there are any home repairs you need to work on. For instance, you may find out that getting a metal roof installation may need some roofing work that requires immediate attention to avoid any future damages.

Garden Pathway

1 – Garden Space.

Everyone loves a garden in their home. Whether it be a big garden where your children play, or the small group of plants situated at corners in your house, the garden keeps the environment fresh and healthy. A study done at NASA has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxins in one day.

KV Construction LLC recommends covering the garden area with glass walls so that the water when sprinkled washes down as compared to non-washable brick or wood. Cover your balcony or your terrace with glass walls so that they increase the level of beauty from outside, and plants get proper sunlight too.  Growing creepers over your entrance or your stairs give a better look than the rest of the places.

Snake plant, Pothos, Dracaena, Spider Plant, Bromeliad are some of the most in-house plants you can go for. Check for the plants which release carbon dioxide at night to avoid suffocation. Orchids and Snake plants do the opposite and emit oxygen in the night, which can be put in your bedroom. Keep small pot or hanging plants in your workplace.

Studies have shown that indoor plants improve one’s concentration and productivity with almost 15% growth. They are also able to reduce stress levels, boost your mood, and acts as your salient feature in your home.

For outdoor plant services, be sure to check out https://www.treeserviceremoval.com/arborist-service-near-me/.

CanvasPop Photo Collage

2 – Never Forget the Walls.

Your walls tell a lot about your order of mindset that you take within yourself. The images, the graphics, the wall paintings, and posters all add up to the scenery. And what’s easy than preparing a set of portraits with your family photos who dignify what you are.

CanvasPop is the pit stop that you will ever need for collage and portraits. CanvasPop’s collage maker and best quality portraits which can make the best use of your wall space. Showing love to your walls and connecting your feelings with them, CanvasPop makes the human as well as pet portraits at its best. Just take the photo, upload it, and start working from scratch to the best.

Give your orders the best-personalized touch from a variety of templates available. Many Background Styles from Woodcut Plates to Synthetic Cloth Outlets to choose from. No necessity of a well-maintained copy. Even the photos from your social media account can be processed. The final piece that you will see will be enough to make you and everyone who sees it gasp for a second. Have a white background on these walls so that there is maximum flexibility for the innovations. You can also hang an elk mount from All-Taxidermy if you’re an animal lover, you can visit website to check out their collecttion.

Home Lighting

3 – Proper Lighting Is A Must.

When there is proper light, you automatically will feel energized. There is a fewer amount of feelings like depression or hatred when there is proper lighting around you. Have proper lighting bulbs in each room set according to the area of maximum spread. There are 3 types of lighting in every house.

  1. Ambient: The light with overall illumination.
  2. Task: The light present over the kitchen island or a reading nook.
  3. Accent: The decorative ones.


You have to layer the lighting in your house. Our experts suggest that you should have 3 watts or 42 lumens per square foot in the area. That can be produced by placing a canister upright or torchiere in the corner that makes the mindset of having a bigger room. For sunlight, take the colors around walls that don’t fade away. Keep the curtain of balanced or mixed colors to ensure sunlight can pass through them.

Home Red Door

4 – Light and Neutral Colors.

The first thing that any weary traveler will see in your residence is the door. If you want to make the first impression the best impression, then try to engage in your door color. Paint the front door a fun, glossy hue. You may consult a residential painting professional about the right paint to use for your front door. According to many cultures in different regions, Red is considered to be the luckiest one. It strikes right in the eye of the individual. A red-colored door means “Welcome” to everyone who knocks over it.

An outdated screen door is what you want to remove at the first go. Try replacing it with storm doors with full-length glass panels. Also, the window area can be of two other hues, orange or yellow border with white outlines. Both colors are associated with joy and warmth. Stay to the beige or white color on the first floor to maintain the importance of flow in the house.

Kitchen Curtain

5 – The Cinderella Treatment.

Have old cabinets in your kitchen and TV Stand. Don’t worry. We have everything that can suit your right direction in this. If you think there is no hope for Formica Countertops, then wait. A layer of Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations, which is a DIY counter-coating product, can help you out. It can mimic stone and can make every possible rust look fresh.

Curtains are also an important part of the kitchen and in the living area. Our experts have stated that hanging the curtains a little higher than the required can make the wall look higher. A simple visual trick to make your ceiling look high. Go for vertical stripes as the lines visually elongate your walls than actual.

Try to keep a mirror in every room. Mirrors help to bounce back the light and maintain the energy. Keep them perpendicular to the windows. Prevent hanging them right in front of the window. This directly bounces back the light out of the house.

Minimalists keep their surroundings secure and don’t go for any further work. We hope the DIY tips that we have provided above can help you with building a new house that can define your character.


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