Build Your Relationship with the Relish App

By Shannon Gurnee
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October 8, 2019

Building a relationship is worthwhile, but takes work and commitment.
Today, I’m sharing about how to build your relationship using the Relish App, in partnership with Relish.

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Just like anything worthwhile in life, relationships require work and commitment. If they are left uncared for, things can quickly start to fall apart. Whether you have a new or old relationship, Relish can help build, prioritize and even repair the fundamentals needed to have a happy and healthy relationship. Relish is a really great app and I like it a lot! As I was checking out the app, I noticed how easy it was to navigate and I also loved receiving the daily notifications. Plus, I like the customized weekly lessons. I think this is a great app and am so glad I discovered it.

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Relish is the #1 Training App for relationships (with a 4.7 App Store review.) Relish is used by individuals or couples and can be used alongside therapy and True Pheromones to keep your relationship fresh. Each week, you get a new lesson plan covering the exact topics that you need to focus on. Relish will check-in with you weekly and you can reach out to your coach via text message any time for extra support or advice. It’s pretty cool how they personalize it to you and partner.

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When you first sign up for the app, you will need to take an Assessment Quiz. I want to say it took about 5-10 minutes for me to complete, but was pretty easy to do. Once you’ve taken the quiz, you will then start receiving your weekly customized and dynamic relationship improvement plan. Relish is based on the theory of “micro-learning” – it’s all about little and often. Small things each day is what helps making a long term relationship work. Plus, it means you’re much more likely to stick with the plan over the long run. You’ll get a customized plan from Relish each week, with relevant content and activities to keep your relationship healthy. Each week, you’ll check in with your Coach – a real person, who will suggest additional lessons, tweak your plan and keep you motivated.

Within the app, you will find a section about Your Insights. This section includes information about your progress in your relationship (including a section on Affection & Sex, Being Grateful, Communicating, Complimenting, Family Life, Feeling Secure, Fun & Friendship, Listening, Managing Emotions, Opening Up, Partner-Awareness, Respecting Each Other, Self-Awareness and Supporting Each Other. There is a section About You (based on the questions you answered in the assessment). In this section, it talks about what the biggest issues in your relationship are, as well as lessons that can help you improve in those areas. In this section, it also talks about Areas of Conflict that may be in your relationship (again based on your initial assessment you completed).

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In this section, you’ll also see what your attachment type is in the form of an animal. Mine was a Cockatoo – its scientific name is Anxious. It describes me as “highly affectionate and nurturing – bordering on clingy. You seek validation from your partner, always want more of their attention, and are singularly focused on one thing: getting close. It showed that Frank’s animal type was a Labrador. It shared what I can work on in our relationship with our two types. It shared the following, which I thought was very interesting, “A secure relationship is completely possible if the Cockatoo finds validation and affirmation outside the relationship (or from within) and the Labrador offers constant, patient reassurance. Grow towards each other, and don’t push each other away.”

I think the Relish App is a great tool for building new and old relationships. It offers some great advice and information and I love that you have a coach just for you that you can reach out to for advice and other information. Sign up for it and receive a 7 day FREE trial. Check it out and start building your relationship today!

What features do you like about the Relish App?


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  1. How wonderful that there are apps like Relish that help couples mend and make their relationships stronger

  2. kumamonjeng says:

    This app is so fun and it helps couple to understand each other more. I am sure it also helps to light up some sparks in the relationship.

  3. Never heard of the Relish app before, seems like a great app. Thanks for sharing

  4. Nate says:

    I’ve never heard of this but hey I’m always open to trying new apps. Especially if they can help me in my personal life. This looks like one I will download tonight!

  5. Clare Minall says:

    What a wonderful app. This is looks so helpful. I can’t imagine that there’s an app like this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Garf says:

    This seems like a great app. I would check this out! Thanks for sharing the info.

  7. This is a great idea! I didnt know apps like this existed!

  8. Suzanne says:

    I’ve never heard of Relish before either! I will definitely check it out.

  9. I never heard of this Relish app before. Sounds like a pretty cool app based on what you shared.

  10. […] And always plant seeds you’d like to see grow. Simply put, avoid belittling remarks, insults, and derogatory comments. Only use a language that you’re sure can build a relationship. […]

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