What Are Synbiotics And How Does It Affect Toddler Gut Health?

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health
September 30, 2019

Today, we’re talking about Synbiotics and how it affects toddler gut health as part of a sponsored guest post.

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If you have not heard of synbiotics, you may already be familiar with them by their other names. Synbiotics are essentially a combination of pre and probiotics designed to be synergistic in the creation of a healthy gut biome. Medical research in this area is preliminary, however, the evidence suggests that synbiotics can significantly improve the overall well-being of just about everyone.

Naturally, conscientious parents will be thinking of the implications of this research for the gut health of their toddlers. In fact, there are many benefits you can provide for your child by incorporating some synbiotic supplements into their diet. If this is a completely new topic to you, then we will start with the basics to give you a better understanding of this promising food additive.

Let’s look more closely at what synbiotics are and how they can improve toddler gut health.

What Are Synbiotics?

Synbiotics are a blend of specific types of pre and probiotics that are believed to be highly beneficial for the development of a healthy gut. The logic behind blending these two substances together is to provide a synergistic effect that boosts the impact of each type of bacteria better than if either had been introduced by itself.

A healthy gut biome has been linked to just about every other process necessary for human well-being, including psychological health, mood, and immunity.

Many regulatory agencies are hesitant to put their stamp of approval on synbiotics thus far as the academic literature is still in its early stages. While the effects of pre and probiotics on gut health are generally considered to be robust, be wary of products that make outrageous claims.

Improved Growth

Some early studies suggest that toddlers who are fed a well-conceived blend of synbiotics can experience improved growth. Many of the children in this study who were provided with a specific type of synbiotic supplement experienced positive weight gain as well as an increase in overall gastrointestinal health.

While further studies will hopefully make these linkages more explicit and clearer, the fact that this initial research is positive is promising.

Healthier Gut Flora

The early years of life are essential for developing a healthy gut flora that will endure for a lifetime. Positive gut flora is vital for building resilience and immunity against a variety of pathogens and more serious medical conditions that can emerge later in life.

By providing your toddler with the building blocks for healthy gut bacteria, these pre and probiotics can significantly boost your child’s ability to resist bad bacteria. Healthy gut flora is also the subject of a great deal of medical research at present. Well-documented links between psychological well-being and healthy gut flora have made this an increasingly important consideration when planning the diet of your toddler.

Further Benefits To Be Discovered

Additional research is being conducted to explore more potential benefits of synbiotics. This includes investigations into boosting the growth of children who are experiencing developmental delays or a failure to thrive. If this turns out to be helpful for toddlers who are lagging, the results could be revolutionary.

Continue To Explore Emerging Research

While many studies suggest that the benefits outlined above can be gleaned from the judicious use of synbiotics, conclusive evidence is still lacking. Make sure to stay informed of the latest research to make better decisions regarding your toddler’s diet.

In the meantime, synbiotics are increasingly included in infant and toddler formula blends to provide a healthy mix of pre and probiotics for growing children. Consult with your family physician to determine if these and other related products can be a healthy part of your child’s diet.


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