Wonster Words: ABC Phonics & Spelling App Review

By Shannon Gurnee
In App Review
January 3, 2019

Today, on Redhead Mom, we’re talking about a cool app called Wonster Words:
ABC Phonics & Spelling, as part of a sponsored post.

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As a mom, auntie and blogger, I love to find new apps for kids that are both fun and educational! I recently discovered a fun app for kids called Wonster Words: ABC Phonics & Spelling. Inspired by Sesame Street, Wonster Words is an award-winning iOS and Android game that helps kids learn to sound out words. It introduces basic word families and the 44 most common phonemes.

Wonster Words #Wonster #WonsterWords #technology #ad

How does it work? In Wonster Words, kids play with animated letters to put together the words. These animated letters will sound out the phonics, gliding vowels, and consonant blends as they are being played. Once the words are complete, short animations and mini-games tell the story of the words via a group of adorable Wonster characters!

Wonster Words #Wonster #WonsterWords #technology #ad

Wonster Words is a great app and is well-liked by parents and children alike. Not to mention it has won numerous awards including Parent’s Choice, Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice, National Parenting Product Award, etc. I personally love spelling and word games, so this app is a great one for teaching kids spelling and phonics while they’re having fun. In fact, they have so much fun they don’t even realize that they are learning!

Wonster Words #Wonster #WonsterWords #technology #ad

Wonster Words Key Features

  • Learn the ABC’s and Phonics and Spelling
  • Fall in love with the adorable Wonster crew as they explore word families, phonemes, digraphs and more
  • Silly animations reinforce word definitions in a fun and engaging way
  • Hundreds of words, 12 word families and 12 original stories; frequent new content
  • Encourages exploration and engagement without scoring, quizzing, limits, or stress
  • Stories cover popular children’s themes including: birthdays, friendships, nature, space, and more


Wonster Words #Wonster #WonsterWords #technology #ad

*NEW* for 2018 Holidays

  • Introducing the interactive Wonster Island, an entirely new User Experience!!
  • New educational biomes cover Phonics, Stories, Math, Science, Art and Music
  • New engaging mini-games that reinforce puzzle topics
  • 5 new original scores and silly ambiance throughout the app
  • Vowels coming soon!


Wonster Words #Wonster #WonsterWords #technology #ad

The Wonster Words app is ideal for children ages 3-6. Plus, it’s FREE (with in-app purchases)!! I definitely recommend this for anyone with little ones at home who would like to get a head start on spelling and phonics at home.

Have you checked out the Wonster Words: ABC Phonics & Spelling app?



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20 Responses to “Wonster Words: ABC Phonics & Spelling App Review”

  1. Quanda Dykstra says:

    It sounds amazing! I will share the Wonster Words: ABC Phonics & Spelling app with my daughter & granddaughter. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Candy says:

    I will have to tell my daughter about this spelling app. She might be interested in it for her kids

  3. I have plder kids but my nieces and nephews could really use an app like this. I will show this to my siblings so they can get this for their kids.

  4. Jeanette says:

    I wish my kiddo had this when he was little. He could’ve really used it. What a great idea. I will definitely send this to my sister-in-law for her kids.

  5. Sarah Bailey says:

    This sounds like such a fun and educational app for kids! Definitely going to help them get a bit ahead while having fun at home!

  6. Pam says:

    I think my granddaughter would really like this app. She loves Monsters!

  7. Amber Myers says:

    I can see how this will really help small kids! I’d have used this app for mine when they were tiny for sure.

  8. Beth says:

    I can see why little kids like this app. The graphics are really cute and it seems like it covers a lot.

  9. Lisa Martin says:

    This looks perfect for my little ones. My little girl is just learning to read and my son could use all the help he can get in spelling!

  10. Gervin Khan says:

    What an awesome app for our kids that will surely they love. Great review and so love this apps as it helps our kids to develop themselves.

  11. Emily says:

    This seems like a great educational game! My kids are all about computer games, tablet games and apps. If I can find one that also teaches them things it is a win/win for me. Thanks for letting me know about this one.

  12. Alyssa says:

    Oh! I love this! It looks perfect for my son. (He is iPad obsessed and loves playing educational games if they’re on there!)

  13. Brandy says:

    This is so cool and fun! I’m all for apps that help teach kids things. This will be great for my niece.

  14. Kimberly Croisant says:

    I have not seen of or heard of, but looks to be something pretty great. I’m sure it’s super for teaching kids how to read/write

  15. Marysa says:

    What a great app! It’s nice to find different tools to help kids learn things. I like having portable educational tools – these are especially great for travel.

  16. Catalina says:

    I love educational app for children. I need always to have some app for kids on my phone in case of… I should try this Wonster Words.

  17. Lynndee says:

    One thing that’s great about these apps is they make learning fun for kids. I will have to tell my SIL about this. My niece would have a blast with this app.

  18. I love fun apps like this one to help kids learn. If it is fun and active, they are more likely to stick to it.

  19. This sounds like a great app, I can’t wait to download it. My son started Pre-K in Aug and has started to learn the sounds to the letters, I think he would really enjoy this and benefit from it. Thank you for sharing!

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