8 Small Place Decor Mistakes You Can Fix in a Jiffy

By Shannon Gurnee
In Decor
December 29, 2018

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If you live in a home offering limited space, you would know how tedious it is to arrange furnishings keeping in consideration the décor. Decorating itself is tricky, and with a limited space potential, the task attains a different difficulty level altogether. Look around your house and see if you have guilt-freely done these décor mistakes, and if you are lucky, you may find the fastest solution here:

1. Encourage the natural light

Often we tend to get so much beady-eyed to get our light fixtures done the right way, we forget about one of nature’s precious gift to the human race. Believe it small spaces have a special affinity for sunlight and if allowed to enter, sunlight can accentuate the size of your home. Most of your rooms come with mirrors, so all you have to do is install the mirrors in the opposite direction of the light to enable them to reflect their potential. Also, try to pick curtains which are sunlight friendly coming in a huge range of fabrics. However, if your windows are teeny-weeny, then try to pick wall tones which can effortlessly brighten the décor of your room.

2. Keep a portion of nature

Contrary to the popular myth, adding silk trees even in a tiny house owns the ability to intensify the beauty of the décor up a few notches. Since your busy schedule and absence of abundant space, doesn’t allow you to raise natural plants, artificial foliage would not disappoint you. A doppelganger of live saplings, these will make sure to look appealing to the human eyes without demanding for your case.

The industry of wholesale silk plants and flowers has grown proportionately during the last few years leading to a plethora of innovations in its design and quality. That is why you now own the chance of displaying fake bonsai tree without wasting time to water it. If you think adding it in your décor can really cramp up space then how about fake jungle vines?

3. Display lively art pieces

A small space doesn’t imply that you only own the liberty to hang small art pieces. Think otherwise, because gigantic art pieces can create the visual effect of larger rooms. Also, larger art pieces tend to display more detailing, color and fixture and can attract glances to get fix on it rather than the limited space. When hanging art visually determine the center of attraction of your room and then go on your with your task. Be creative and go display your masterpieces if they can steal the attention from your small space.

4. The rug need not be too small

Although common sense says for a small space you should choose nothing but a small-sized rug, the truth is a bit surprising. For your living room, choose a rug which measures at least 9 feet, and then place your couch as such so that on its both sides, the rug extends for about a foot. Apply the same rule for your bedroom as well, but when it comes to your dining room, the rug should extend no less than 3 feet beyond the table on all the 4 sides. Decorating your room abiding by this suggestion will owe you the optical illusion of a much longer room.

5. Are your walls covered with furnishings?

Since a confined space doesn’t offer you the liberty to adorn it with fancy furnishings, you decide you cram it up all up against the walls. Though the idea sounds great, it really isn’t. In fact, doing this will make your already small rooms look way smaller. Clumsier walls with tons of furnishings just lined about make space look like a clutter zone. Free up some of the space near
your walls and instantly you will notice that your room is breathing in fresh air. When you are placing furniture, make sure to locate it at a distance of about one foot from your walls.

6. Choose furnishings carefully

For the ones with larger homes, purchasing furnishings to fill out the vast empty space is not that tedious. But does that mean you will be left out from decorating your cute and tiny home with fancy furniture? Doesn’t sound fair, to be honest! Thankfully, you will get an umpteenth number of options when you are considering buying furniture for your small space. You just have to visualize whether it will expand or cram your space. no matter how much you get tempted with round and plush sofas, always
stick to the couches and chairs with leaner arms. Investing in an overstuffed sofa will also invest much of your space turning your rooms like a furniture store!

7. Value the space

Get this in your mind that all you have got is a few square feet and thus you will have to utilize every inch of it cleverly. Instead of going on installing multiple shelves wasting out foot spaces, why not incorporate ceiling to floor shelves? A quirky option, inculcating this in your room will help your décor attain a heightened level of exquisiteness. If your kitchen is petite, then try to keep the counter clutter free. To hang the utensils make use of the free space under the upper cabinets. Northampton kitchen fitters are highly skilled professionals that provide exceptional services for all kitchen renovation projects. As for the bathroom, hang toiletries that you don’t need often in a hanging cabinet. Forgo all these easy-peasy tricks and in no time your entire house will look way more expansive.

8. Shop for curtains wisely

Do you know choosing custom window treatments or custom drapery for your room can give the illusion of taller ceilings? Also, as you might know, soundproof window treatments can completely change the décor of your rooms just with their color and texture. If your ceilings are not very tall, then it is recommended to hang the curtain hardware just crown moldings. Always remember that your curtain panel should be of twice the width of your windows.

Follow these tips and then let the beauty of your room unfold before your eyes. Always try to keep your
rooms clutter free and avoid placing furnishings and accessories which will cram your space.



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