Don’t Let Child Identity Theft Happen to Your Child

By Shannon Gurnee
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December 27, 2018

Today, we are talking about child identity theft on Redhead Mom Blog as part of a sponsored post.

Child Identity Theft - Identron #Identron #child #ad

Great, something else to worry about. Child identity theft.

Now that the holidays are behind us, we all start settling back into our regular motherly duties of making sure the kids grab a coat on the way to school, finish their homework and get a good night’s sleep. One thing that most of us are not thinking about when it comes to our kids is protecting their identity. I recently learned that child identity theft is now the fastest growing crime in the United States.

Honestly, I don’t think many parents are thinking about someone stealing their child’s social security number. Every day we hear news reports about data breaches. Data breaches occur so often that they are losing the shock value that should be associated with each and every breach announcement. Personal information is being shared voluntarily and involuntarily every day on the internet. This is including our kids’ SSNs.

A child’s SSN can be purchased on the Dark web for $300!

Child Identity Theft - Identron #Identron #child #ad

In addition to the data breaches, think about other ways that children’s personal information is exposed. When our kids start school, camps, and sports we are filling out form after form with all of our children’s personal information including, social security numbers. Where is this stuff even stored? In a milk crate in the back of a coach’s car? In a filing cabinet at the school? Do we really know?

25% of all children will be identity theft victims before they turn 18*

Why are children’s SSNs such a hot commodity? Identity thieves know that a child’s SSN is fresh and unmarred without any credit activity associated with it. Thieves create a fake identity with a child’s real SSN.

None of us want to add another worry to our plate. Help is here at least for this worry. I was recently
introduced to Identron identity theft protection plans. They are different from every other identity theft
protection company. They focus on protection for the entire family including minor children.

Identron has a variety of identity theft protection options to suit your family’s needs.

The Identron Parent Protection Plan, protects 1 adult and up to 4 minor children For around 80 cents a day you can be assured that you and your family members identities are being monitored, protected with a $1 million policy with access to a team of professional identity experts. The plan covers a lot. Take a look when you have a moment All Identron plans also include an Identron Protection kit with DNA/Child identification kits for each child plus a bunch of other goodies to help organize your family’s personal information.

As moms we already have our hands full of things to worry about with our kids. Let’s start the new year out with one less worry. Protect your family with Identron identity theft protection plans.

* According to the Federal trade Commission



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