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By Shannon Gurnee
In App Review
July 12, 2018

This is a partnered post with ZapZapMath Home.

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Our kids love to use technology, especially playing games. As a mom, I want them to have fun, but I also want them to learn while they’re having fun! The best way I learned how to do math as a kid was when it was fun. Back in November of 2017, I shared about ZapZapMath, but since then, they’ve launched a new range of products for the home called ZapZapMath Home

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Introducing ZapZapMath Home

Learning math is easy and fun with ZapZapMath Home. Kids enjoy hours of educational games and videos designed to change the way your elementary school learner thinks about learning common core math. You’ll find the perfect app for your child’s level, yet freely explore other levels to revise past topics or explore new topics before they are covered in school.

ZapZapMath Home consists of 7-Apps, one for each grade from K-6. I love that you can choose which grade your child can use! Each app is FREE to download and comes with a couple of free games.

The Games in the Series are:

Zapzapmath Home #MathAtHome #math #app #technology #kids #ad

Kindergarten Math: Kids Games

In this app, kids learn counting to 20, use numbers to represent number of objects, addition and subtraction, measurable attributes, and shapes.

iOS | Android

Zapzapmath Home #MathAtHome #math #app #technology #kids #ad

Grade 1 Math: Fun Kids Games

Using this app, children will learn to apply different strategies for addition and subtraction, understand place value, measure and compare lengths, tell time to half hours, and understand shapes and their attributes.

iOS | Android

Zapzapmath Home #MathAtHome #math #app #technology #kids #ad

Grade 2 Math: Fun Kids Games

This app lets children work with addition in a way that would help them understand multiplication, get to know place values up to hundreds, measure and estimate lengths, work with time and money, and reason with shapes and their attributes.

iOS | Android

Zapzapmath Home #MathAtHome #math #app #technology #kids #ad

Grade 3 Math: Fun Kids Games

Children can use this app to learn about multiplication and division, the relationship between place values and arithmetic, fractions, measurement problems involving time, liquid volume, and mass, area and perimeter, and reason with shapes and their attributes.

iOS | Android

Zapzapmath Home #MathAtHome #math #app #technology #kids #ad

Grade 4 Math: Fun Kids Games

This app helps players understand the concept of factor pairs, figure out number patterns, relate place value with multiplication and division, round numbers, find equivalent fractions, understand decimal notation for fractions, represent and interpret data, understand and measure angles, draw and identify lines and angles, and classify shapes by their lines and angles.

iOS | Android

Zapzapmath Home #MathAtHome #math #app #technology #kids #ad

Grade 5 Math: Fun Kids Games

Players can use this app to learn about writing and interpreting numerical expressions, solve math problems with decimals to hundredths, know how to multiply and divide fractions, convert between measurement units, understand volume and relate volume to multiplication and addition, graph points on the coordinate plane, and classify 2D figures based on their properties.

iOS | Android

Zapzapmath Home #MathAtHome #math #app #technology #kids #ad

Grade 6 Math: Fun Kids Games

This app helps players learn about ratios, dividing fractions by fractions, finding the greatest common factor, understanding the concept of rational numbers, solving equations and inequalities, solving problems involving area, surface area and volume, and understand statistic variability and distributions.

iOS | Android

Zapzapmath Home #MathAtHome #math #app #technology #kids #ad

Get a personalized learning experience built on adaptive learning. Each topic is experienced through entertaining math games and animated lessons, so children can learn while having fun. Start making learning fun today!



  • Enjoy a wide range of games that teach common core and state standard math skills
  • Game-based learning (GBL) that turns math practice into games
  • Games for every topic, K-6,bundled neatly into 7 different App
  • Math topics are divided into areas for Training, Accuracy, Speed and Mission



  • Use math skills to create a city!
  • Build more to play more and learn more



  • Educational cartoons help explain math concepts
  • Create a customized avatar for your young scholar
  • Reward system incentivizes learning


Zapzapmath Home #MathAtHome #math #app #technology #kids #ad



  • Create up to 3 unique profiles for different users
  • Try the other apps in the ZapZapMath Home suite – available for grades K through 6



  • Unlock all 1st grade math games with your All Access Pass
  • Your All Access Pass unlocks all content for ZapZapMath Home grades K through 6 too!

ZapZapMath Home is brought to you by ZapZapMath, a trusted name in educational games. Make math fun with ZapZapMath Home! Download now and watch their young minds grow. Available on iOS & Android

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