How We Are Protecting Our Family From Mosquito Bites This Summer

By Shannon Gurnee
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June 29, 2018

This is a sponsored post with Earthkind.

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Summertime is here and that means the weather is perfect for camping and spending time with our family outdoors. When I think of camping, I think of food, snacks, sunscreen, s’mores and bug spray. Yep – me as the mama – making an effort to prevent sunburns and bug bites, which can quickly turn a trip outdoors from fun to miserable.

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I don’t know about you, but spending time outdoors with the family can be a lot of fun…that is until the mosquitoes come out. Ugh, those things are both annoying and can make us miserable!!  Mosquitoes are the most dangerous insects because of their ability to rapidly spread disease. In fact, just one small bite can transmit any number of serious health concerns, including ZIKA. For pregnant women, contracting ZIKA from a mosquito bite can be devastating. Hence, it is recommended to contact a pest control company if there are mosquitoes in your yard.

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Luckily, EarthKind® has you covered. Their new Stay Away Mosquitoes® spray is a DEET-free, EPA registered, non-flammable and water-resistant formula made with Picaridin, a natural chemical, bio identical to pepper, that’s reliably effective. Stay Away Mosquitoes® unscented and skin-friendly formula is not only safe for use on pregnant women and children 2 years and older, but it’s also a reliable, high-performance mosquito repellent the whole family can count on.

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Stay Away Mosquitoes® not only protects you from unsightly, itchy bites, but also from more serious diseases that mosquitoes may transmit –  including ZIKA, West Nile virus, Chikungunya and Dengue, and also from ticks that may transmit Lyme Disease. This fast-acting and long-lasting insect repellent gives you 14-hour highly effective protection from mosquitoes and ticks, and repels biting flies, gnats and chiggers for up to 8 hours.

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Based on a 2016 report, out of 600 internet users who’ve used insect repellents in the past 12 months, 57% indicated that they most typically use repellents at outdoor events like picnics or block parties, and 48% indicated that they use them any time they are outdoors. With summer festivities heating up and pulling your family out the door, make sure to shake, spray and watch the mosquitoes effectively stay away with EarthKind® Stay Away Mosquitoes®.

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Directions for Use:

Follow these guidelines when applying: Shake well before use. Apply thoroughly to the skin avoiding contact with eyes and mouth. Hold 4 to 6 inches from skin while spraying, keeping nozzle pointed away from face. Slightly moisten skin with a slow sweeping motion. Excessive amounts or frequent reapplication is unnecessary. Do not exceed two applications per day. Apply on face by first spraying small amounts in palms of hands and spreading on face and neck, avoiding your eyes.

When using on children, apply to your hands and then apply it to the child. Take care to avoid mouth and eyes and apply sparingly around ears. Do not allow children to handle the product. Do not spray directly on face. Avoid contact with lips, cuts, wounds, or irritated skin. Do not apply to excessively sunburned skin or under clothing.

EarthKind® Stay Away Mosquitoes® is available at

Have you used Stay Away Mosquitoes® before?
How do you protect your family from mosquito bites?



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35 Responses to “How We Are Protecting Our Family From Mosquito Bites This Summer”

  1. Loving these “Mommy Files”! Enjoy sharing in your family adventures that you post. I will be visiting here often … just see what’s next! I can vicariously travel through your adventures and feel like I was really there. Please keep up the great work!

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      Thanks so much Michelle. I really appreciate your support. 🙂 Hope you have a great summer!

  2. We always need protection against mosquitoes especially in the summertime! This brand looks like it wil be great to addition to our stockpile of outdoor safety accessories! It seems like The sample size is perfect for my kids to cary around with them as well- thanks for sharing!

    • Rita says:

      Hi Melissa,
      You can get the sample size for free right now, just pay $1 shipping. It fits perfect in little hands! #KeepItKind this summer 🙂
      Thanks from Team EarthKind

  3. Stacie says:

    I have to get some of this! Mosquitos down here are awful, but DEET absolutely burns like fire. I think this stuff is definitely worth a try.

    • Rita says:

      Hi Stacie,
      Stay Away Mosquitoes is a skin-friendly spray that leaves a gentle moisturizing feel behind. We can’t wait to hear what you think! #KeepItKind this summer 🙂
      Thanks from Team EarthKind

  4. One of the few downsides to summer-MOSQUITOES! I hate when we get bit and the aftermath of itching. Sprays and lotions leave me feeling oily and sweaty. I’ll have to look into this.

    • Rita says:

      Hi Danielle,
      Stay Away Mosquitoes feels great and leaves no residue behind. You can get a sample size for free right now, just pay $1 shipping. We can’t wait to hear what you think! #KeepItKind this summer 🙂
      Thanks from Team EarthKind

  5. Bill Sweeney says:

    With the progression of Zika in the country, we should research whatever the best protection we can get. The brand you listed sounds like a perfect product.

  6. Gladys Parker says:

    Stay Away Mosquitoes sounds like a great product! I love that it lasts 14 hours for mosquitoes and ticks and 8 hours for the others. Between my grandchildren and dogs there is always water that draws them. After mosquitoes biting flies are my most disliked and this kills them.

  7. Mosquito! Those are the biggest enemy to play outside, especially in rural tropical place. I will try this brand, looks like a good brand.

  8. Kelly Reci says:

    I have to be more diligent about putting on repellant. There are so many mosquitoes in our area this year and I think it’s mainly due to the humidity!

  9. Rosey says:

    Mosquitoes were out in full force here for awhile and then they kind of just disappeared. I know trucks go around and spray. I haven’t seen any this year yet, but I’m guessing that’s what happened. It’s always good to have products on hand too, in the house for when you need to use them! Happy to hear the recommendation for ‘Stay Away.’

  10. Rose Ann Sales says:

    This is only my first time to hear about this brand but stay away mosquitoes looks like a good spray that leaves the skin gently and moisturize.

  11. Theresa says:

    Stay Away Mosquitoes sounds like a must have. Mosquitoes are out in droves already and it makes outdoor entertaining a drag. We do have our yard sprayed, but having extra protection from Stay Away Mosquitoes would be a great idea!

  12. Trina says:

    This sounds amazing! My backyard has been horribly buggy lately and we are getting bit like crazy, I need this.

  13. Marcie says:

    My husband gets eaten alive by mosquitos every summer! I wonder if this would help him. Gotta try it out!

  14. Dogvills says:

    There are many and serious mosquito borne diseases so we always have to keep ourselves protected. As much as we use sunscreen during the summer, insect repellents are a must too. Thanks for the reminder.

  15. I am down to give this stuff a real try here in Iowa. We have swarms of mosquitoes that attack the second we head outside. Watering my garden becomes a battle and nothing seems to keep them away. I can not wait to give this a try.

  16. Kathy says:

    The mosquitoes are so awful around where we live. It doesn’t help that we live right by the woods either. I’ll have to check in to these products. I’m always looking for something that can help with mosquitoes.

  17. Mosquito bites are sometimes dangerous that is the reason why I always make sure that my little boy is protected always!

  18. Gemille Sleweon says:

    I love that this product in unscented. I always need repellent during the summer, but i hate the smell of most the products on the market.

  19. katrina gehman says:

    i need this so bad in my life! the mosquitos are already bad.

  20. Lynndee says:

    I have never tried this product yet. Mosquitoes bother me so I am definitely going to check this.

  21. Becca Wilson says:

    Getting outdoors during the summertime definitely comes with it’s share of bug bites. This looks like it would be great to keep them at bay.

  22. Wendy Polisi says:

    Mosquitoes can really ruin an evening. I need to look into this for sure.

  23. Kita Bryant says:

    Luckily my yard doesn’t have a mosquito problem. They are nasty little bugs!

  24. Garf says:

    I don’t stay out when the sun is already down because I don’t like to deal with mosquito sprays.

  25. Heather says:

    The mosquitos are awful here. We are always looking for ways to keep them off of us.

  26. Tara says:

    This sounds like a great product. Mosquitoes are so frustrating!!

  27. What a cool post! Of the few things I hate about the summer, mosquitoes tops that list. This product looks amazing. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  28. Khushboo says:

    Mosquitoes are a major menace where I live and this spray would definitely come in handy for me and family. Great review 🙂

  29. Sara Welch says:

    I am glad you are staying safe about it. They are nasty bugs!

  30. We just got a really great tool for getting rid of mosquitoes. Stay safe this summer!

  31. Kiwi says:

    I didn’t know we still had to worry about Zika. We I love the bluntness of the brand I hate mosquito I am in Mexico and they like to bite me a lot out here.

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