Did You Know You Can Buy Fine Jewelry at Costco Wholesale?

By Shannon Gurnee
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June 6, 2017

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With a big family like ours, we do a LOT of shopping at Costco! Thank goodness we earn cash back at the end of the year with our Executive Membership and Costco card because we spend a lot of money throughout the year at Costco Wholesale. Growing up, I remember Price Club Warehouse and my parents buying foods in bulk (such as soda, canned goods or snacks and treats), but over the years, not only have they changed their name to Costco Wholesale, but they’ve also upped their game in the products they offer to their customers! Not only can you buy foods and office supplies in bulk, but you can also purchase furniture, electronics, gift certificates, gas and even jewelry!!! Yes – I just said Costco jewelry! Whether you’re looking for a gift or looking to propose (or upgrade your jewelry) with a wedding ring, you’ll definitely love the selections you can find at Costco!

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On my social media channels and on my blog, I share a lot of pictures with my hands. I am very conscious about how my nails look, as well as the jewelry I wear and I love to share with you when I find great deals and great selections of any kind of item. Well, I recently discovered that Costco Wholesale has an amazing selection of fine jewelry at awesome prices!! During 2017, I purchased diamond earrings (studs and hoops and don’t ever take them out), a diamond ring and a rose-gold necklace with diamonds and an amethyst necklace. You can see these items throughout my blog posts and social media shares and they look fabulous. I love that they were purchased at a reasonable price (often times lower than what they’re valued at) and they are the real things (like no supposed gold or white gold leaving dark marks on your chest, earrings or fingers – and yes, I’ve had that happen with other places I purchased jewelry from).

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Diamond stud and hoop earrings from Costco


Costco Jewelry #Costco #Jewelry #fashion #beauty #diamond #ring

Rose gold with diamond and amethyst necklace purchased at Costco

So how does it work? Each Costco location has a jewelry section where all of their jewelry items are in a locked case. You need to ask one of the workers to come and open it for you and they will wait with you while you try it on or look at it. For bigger ticketed items (like their $30,000 diamond rings – you can find even higher priced rings online), you have to go to their office with a staff member to look at it – totally understandable with the high value. In store, they typically care size 7’s, so if you’re a smaller size, it’s just easier to wait a little longer and order your size directly from the store online. Since I wear a size 5, this is what I did and the ring arrived very quickly and in great shape, plus it came with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Ring in the Costco Jewelry Case


I started looking at replacing my ring a few months before I found the perfect one at Costco! I originally thought I wanted a round diamond and then my husband found emerald shaped diamonds, and honestly, I REALLY LIKED the way it looked! I looked at jewelry stores, Groupon and even department stores, but only one somewhat caught my eye (that was at a jewelry store where I would have been 4 times what I paid at Costco for something of less quality, fit and look). Then we looked at Costco one day and I fell in love with the emerald shaped diamond. I tried on several diamond rings, but went back to the same one twice. It was beautiful, felt comfortable and was a reasonable price we could afford without financing it. Not only did I look in the store, but I also read the reviews on the Costco website and lots of people gave it great reviews. Some even said that when they had it appraised, it appraised for more than they purchased it for! That said, there are also reviews of Costco that advice caution when dealing with their diamond ring selections.


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Trying on the ring in Costco


I don’t recall, but I am pretty sure they made us sign for the package when it arrived. On their site, it says the jewelry will arrive within 2-3 business days. I believe that was pretty accurate and couldn’t believe how quickly they worked to have it processed and shipped to me. When it arrived, it was in beautiful condition and I didn’t even need to have it sized down anymore! I get lots of compliments on it and love to feature it in my social media channels and on my blog.


Costco Jewelry #Costco #Jewelry #fashion #beauty #diamond #ring

My ring has arrived in a gorgeous ring box!


Costco Jewelry #Costco #Jewelry #fashion #beauty #diamond #ring

Costco Jewelry #Costco #Jewelry #fashion #beauty #diamond #ring

Costco Jewelry #Costco #Jewelry #fashion #beauty #diamond #ring

Costco Jewelry #Costco #Jewelry #fashion #beauty #diamond #ring

Have you ever purchased jewelry from Costco Wholesale?
What did you purchase? What was your experience like?

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