Giving Gifts This Holiday Season with Thoughtfully

By Shannon Gurnee
In Christmas
November 20, 2016


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It’s that time of year again – time for gift giving…and receiving (yay)! I recently learned about an awesome company called Thoughtfully and I am in love with their gift boxes! I received 3 different gift boxes and they were awesome! I received (1) the Bloody Mary World Tour – A Bloody Mary Lover’s Gift Set, (2) Movie Night – A Popcorn Lover’s Gift Set, and (3) Moscow’s Finest
– A Moscow Mule Lover’s Gift Set! Each set has it’s own story and was so much fun to unwrap!

#Thoughtfully #GiftThoughtfully #Holiday #Gifts #Ambassador #ad
Image courtesy of Thoughtfully


With Thoughtfully, the goal is to gift with a story. Thoughtfully began with its founder’s passion for food and his love to explore. He returns from one of his journeys around the globe, the wildest rooftop party in Soho to the latest restaurant opening in Paris, bringing piles of mementos, including bottles, photos, menus, sauces, packaging and anything that inspires him.

“We simply need to capture those special moments in life – the design, the fashion, the lifestyle, the flavors, and fold them into a box. A gift box! Don’t we all want to share our personal experiences and gift something meaningful and authentic to the people that we love and care about the most?”

So they did. Armed with cameras and little leather bound journals they travelled the world, went to the best parties, took unusual cooking classes, dined in the coolest restaurants and hunted those beautiful, precious moments that make life unforgettable. The ones that make us feel alive. That inspire our memories and our stories.

At Thoughtfully, they believe that a gift should last long after the beautiful wrappings have been torn away. A truly thoughtful gift is not just a gesture but a memorable experience. They invite you to explore their assortment of hand curated adventures, and select the ones you love. Gift them to your friends and family and let them taste, see, smell and experience the stories of Thoughtfully.

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Image courtesy of Thoughtfully.

Bloody Mary World Tour – A Bloody Mary Lover’s Gift Set

I love Bloody Marys and was so excited to check out the Bloody Mary World Tour – A Bloody Mary Lover’s Gift Set! Bloody Mary drinkers were juicing before juicing was cool. Give the gift of morning health with our Bloody Mary Lover’s gift set. Ours is a unique mix for homemade brunch punch. It’s paired with our gourmet hot sauce for just the right amount of kick. Four highball glasses will keep it classy and the global recipe book is for exploring new sorts of spice. Here’s to the healthiest weekend beverage… At least that’s what we tell ourselves.

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What’s In It

  • Four Highball Glasses
  • Global Recipe Book
  • 4 Bamboo Picks
  • Bloody Mary Mix (25 oz)
  • Celery Salt (2.1 oz)
  • Garlic Salt (2.1 oz)
  • Oregano Spice (0.4 oz)
  • Thyme Spice (0.5 oz)
  • Garlic Hot Sauce (3 oz)
  • Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (3 oz)
  • Chipotle Pepper Hot Sauce (3 oz)
  • Whiskey Habanero Hot Sauce (3 oz)


Get creative! Mix the Bloody Mary mix with Vodka and go crazy with the spices and hot sauces. Included is a recipe book to give you some ideas.

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Image Courtesy of Thoughtfully.

The Story of Bloody Mary World Tour – A Global Quest for an Iconic Cocktail

At Thoughtfully, they had a dream: tour the world and explore the most fascinating, culturally inspired Bloody Marys. First stop Agra, India, where they enjoyed the extra spicy local mix. In Sicily, near Palermero’s beautiful bay, they serve one with an oregano twist. They loved the combination of garden celery and garlic in Greece’s stunning island of Lesbos. In Pasadena, Arizona, they were taken with the red cliffs and the surprising ghost pepper bite. There were many more, and after some fierce debate, they are proud to present a collection and recipe book of their 10 best global Bloody Marys.

Bloody Mary World Tour – A Bloody Mary Lover’s Gift Set retails for $99.99.

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Image courtesy of Thoughtfully.

Movie Night – A Popcorn Lover’s Gift Set

In our home, we love to have movie nights and with movie nights comes Popcorn. Movie Night – A Popcorn Lover’s Gift Set is a great gift set to give, especially for the holidays, but can be enjoyed all year long! When you go to the movies, often times you have two options for popcorn – butter sauce or no butter sauce. The Popcorn gift sets from Thoughtfully include 4 colorful popcorn bags for the gourmet popping corn, as well as their A-list flavor seasonings of Kettle Corn, Ranch, Garlic-Parmesan and Cheddar-Bacon. These popcorn sets are enough to make movie night shine!

What’s In It

  • Four Colorful Popcorn Bags
  • Gourmet Popping Corn (24 oz)
  • Cheddar Bacon Popcorn Seasoning (2.5 oz)
  • Garlic Parmesan Popcorn Seasoning (2.5 oz)
  • Kettle Corn Popcorn Seasoning (2.5 oz)
  • Ranch Popcorn Seasoning (2.5 oz)


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  • You’ll need 1.5 cups of olive oil and 2 tsp. butter (optional)
  • Add one and a half cups of oil and one kernel to a medium sized pan. Place the lid on top of the pan and turn the heat on high. Wait for the kernel to pop.
  • Once the kernel has popped, add one and a half cups of kernels (the whole burlap bag) to the pot, and replace the lid. Swirl occasionally to distribute the oil.
  • Once the kernels begin to pop, crack the lid slightly to allow the steam to escape.
  • When the popping slows, remove the pot from the stove, and place kernels into a heat safe bowl.
  • Add 1-2 TSP butter and mix throughout. Add seasoning to taste.

The Story of Movie Night – An (Accidentally) Inventive Popcorn Buffet

Some of the greatest human inventions are discovered by accident. Some of the best culinary combinations happen when an overly tired cook pours an unexpected ingredient into the wrong saucepan. In the Thoughtfully office, at the back kitchen, they have an endless spice rack dedicated to creative experimentation. One night, too lazy to make a real meal, yet craving the comforting, bold flavors, they invented some delicious gourmet popcorn. Cheddar bacon, Ranch, and Garlic Parmesan were added to freshly popped kernels, and a modern classic was born. Now, it’s their favorite movie night snack.

Movie Night – A Popcorn Lover’s Gift Set retails for $49.99.

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Image courtesy of Thoughtfully.

Moscow’s Finest – A Moscow Mule Lover’s Gift Set

Put the comrade in camaraderie with a little fun from Russia with the Moscow’s Finest – A Moscow Mule Lover’s Gift Set. Friends can celebrate with our Moscow Mule gift sets. Two copper mugs, a glass shaker, gourmet ginger beer and our Moscow Mule mix all help the cause. And the coasters, the candied ginger and the matryoshka jigger will show that someone is a full-fledged member of the party. Moscow mule sets should be smuggled to anyone eager to host a meeting at home.

#Thoughtfully #GiftThoughtfully #Holiday #Gifts #Ambassador #ad

What’s In It

  • Two Moscow Mule Mugs
  • Two Graphic Paper Coasters
  • Glass Cocktail Shaker
  • Matryoshka Jigger
  • Bundaberg Ginger Beer (12.7 oz)
  • Moscow Mule Syrup (8.5 oz)
  • Candied Ginger (1.5 oz)


  • You’ll need ice and vodka! Using the matryoshka jigger, measure out 2 shots of vodka and 1 ounce mule syrup.
  • Combine vodka, mule syrup, and 1 cup of ice in the shaker and shake vigorously.
  • Pour into mug and combine with a half cup of the Bundaberg ginger beer.
  • Garnish with ginger candy and enjoy!

#Thoughtfully #GiftThoughtfully #Holiday #Gifts #Ambassador #ad

The Story of Moscow’s Finest – Aristocratic Cocktail Culture

I’m always fascinated by the influence of architecture on culinary cultures. In Greece, the bright white houses with a turquoise touch inspire generous trays of food. See the resorts Chania on your next Greece trip. In Mexico, strong red colors of mud brick huts paint raw ceramic bowls. In Moscow, the capital of drama, magical cathedrals with shiny metal finishes influence plating design– at a restaurant set in a Stalin-era skyscraper, authentic Moscow Mules are served in copper mugs. The barman cuts ginger to spice the drink, adding pure local vodka from a babushka jigger. Aristocratic ornamented coasters and royal service put me in a tsar state of mind.

Moscow‘s Finest – A Moscow Mule Lover’s Gift Set retails for $89.99.

I love the different gift sets available through Thoughtfully! These are great gifts to both give and receive, plus there is a great variety of gift sets as well!

What is your favorite gift set at Thoughtfully?



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  1. Julie Wood says:

    These are really amazing gifts to give! I love the Movie Night – A Popcorn Lover’s Gift Set. How cute and it really has some interesting popcorn flavors!

  2. Sarah L says:

    My sister would love the Moscow Mules gift set.

  3. Julie says:

    All of these look great! I love the A Popcorn Lover’s Gift Set!

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