6 Ways to Overcome Blogger’s Block

By Shannon Gurnee
In Blogging Basics
November 17, 2015

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I love to write! As a blogger, I depend on my writing to help make a living for our family. Sometimes it’s just really hard to think of what to write or how to get my thoughts onto paper. We call that Writer’s Block (or in the blogging world – Blogger’s Block). When suffering from Blogger’s Block, it’s not that I’m out of topics to write about, it’s just that I have a hard time formulating my thoughts into words. Let me assure you, there are ways to overcome Blogger’s Block.  Here are 6 Ways to Overcome Blogger’s Block.

1 – Look through pictures. Sometimes it helps to look through your pictures. I don’t know about you, but when I have a deadline to meet and am dealing with Blogger’s Block, it can get kind of stressful. Looking through pictures and remembering good times can help alleviate that stress, which helps you get back on track. Heck, looking through pictures may even inspire you to come up with more ideas of things to write about!

2 – Eat a snack. When I’m hungry, it’s hard for me to concentrate, yet alone write a blog post worthy of reading. I don’t know about you, but it’s amazing how much get up and go I can get from grabbing a quick snack. I like to grab apples with peanut butter or string cheese for a quick and yummy snack.

3 – Take a shower or a bath. Taking a shower (or a bubble bath) can help you overcome Blogger’s Block because it’s both relaxing and refreshing! If you take a bath, add bubbles or salts for an extra relaxing experience.

4 – Turn some music on. Sometimes I just need to turn on some music to awaken my senses and give me inspiration. It’s amazing how much music can affect our emotions and help us jump into the writing process again.

5 – Go for a drive. For me, going for a drive helps to relax me. I love to enjoy the beauty around me in nature. Seeing and feeling the outdoors can also help to inspire me to write and overcome Blogger’s Block.

6 – Just write. When I first started blogging, I used to just write (a lot). Writing can be both a relaxing and overwhelming task. When it feels like an overwhelming task (like when you have no ideas coming out onto the paper – aka computer), it helps to write about whatever you are thinking because the ideas are just flowing. This can help get you out of that rut we call Blogger’s Block!

How do you overcome Blogger’s Block?

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