Back-to-School Trail Mix Recipe

By Shannon Gurnee
In Food
July 14, 2015

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Now that summer is in full swing, it’s only a matter of time before the kids head back to school. When school is in session, the kids are always wanting snacks when they get home. Some of our favorite snacks are the Honey Maid Graham Crackers and the Honey Maid Teddy Grahams. We enjoy the Honey Maid Graham Crackers with peanut butter, with ice cream, and with roasted marshmallows and chocolate. It’s also great when making pies and other baked goodies. We love to snack on all the different varieties of the Honey Maid Teddy Grahams and I thought it would be great to create a Back-to-School Trail Mix Recipe that the kids (and grownups) would enjoy eating!

#ThisIsWholesome #SchoolSnackSurprises #ad

When I headed to the grocery store, I was amazed at all the different flavors of Honey Maid Graham Crackers and Honey Maid Teddy Grahams there were! The Honey Maid Graham Crackers were available in Honey, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Low Fat Honey and Low Fat Cinnamon. The Honey Maid Teddy Grahams were available in Honey, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Chocolatey Chip. I love that there were so many flavors to choose from!

As a mom, I want snacks for our family that are healthy and delicious. I know I can get that with Honey Maid products. I recently learned about Honey Maid’s This is Wholesome campaign, which not only reflects Honey Maid’s delicious snacks made with real ingredients, but it reminds us that no matter how things change, or what makes us different from one another, what makes us wholesome stays the same. 

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Back-to-School Trail Mix Recipe


  • Honey Maid Honey Teddy Grahams
  • Honey Maid Chocolate Teddy Grahams
  • Honey Maid Chocolatey Chip Teddy Grahams
  • Toasted Rice Cereal
  • Pretzels
  • Chocolate Covered Candies
  • Gummy Bears

#ThisIsWholesome #SchoolSnackSurprises #ad

Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl. Serve in individual bowls or bags. Enjoy! **Note: This recipe is super quick and easy to make and is a great recipe to make with kids.**

#ThisIsWholesome #SchoolSnackSurprises #Ad

No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will.
Honey Maid provides wholesome snacks for every wholesome family.

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56 Responses to “Back-to-School Trail Mix Recipe”

  1. Dandi D says:

    This has so many of my favorite things in it–I would make it just for me!

  2. I love the idea of adding gummy bears into the mix! Those are one of my favorite snacks : )

  3. Fi NΓ­ NeachtΓ‘in says:

    Oh my little one would absolutely love a bowl of that trail mix. It’d be a great treat for sure, especially come September when school is starting back up πŸ™‚

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    What an awesome idea! I bet my kids would love this. It’s simple to make and looks really yummy!

  5. Brandy says:

    This is great! I would like to make it and have in a container in middle of our dining room table area in new house as a means to have a quick after school snack while they do homework! I will bookmark this!

  6. Jeannette says:

    That is such a fun and delicious twist on trailmix! I know my kids would go crazy about finding that in their lunch box! Yum!

  7. When I was a Director of a pre-school, this was one of the children’s favorites. Thank you for reminding me of that.

  8. What a fun and easy treat to make with your kids! It would be fun to make this with preschoolers at school too!

  9. This looks like a really great snack idea. My kids would love this.

  10. Megan Elford says:

    Sweet, salty and crunchy – the perfect combination! My kids would really enjoy this. I might make some up for our roadtrip this summer!

  11. Back to school or not, this is a great recipe. My kids are going to love it!

  12. Leelo R says:

    This looks fab and is so easy to make! Amazing! I think my son would love it!

  13. I love making homemade trail mix for the kids…it’s a perfect snack for packed lunches!

  14. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Wow would my kids love these! I guess I need to pick up some Teddy Grahams!

  15. This is an easy yummy recipe, and my kids are going to love it. Thanks for sharing this!

  16. mrsshukra says:

    I can make this, thanks!

  17. Jacob Fu says:

    Yum! I love trail mix and teddy grahams are the best! I haven’t had those in ages.

  18. Michele says:

    I love Graham crackers and a box or two can usually be found in my apartment. Honey Maid is the brand I pick most often! This does sound like a great after school or after work snack!

  19. Crystal says:

    I’m not ready for the kids to go back! But having fun ways to prepare like making yummy treats might soften the blow.

  20. Pam says:

    Looks like a fun and tasty trail mix. I like that you added gummy bears.

  21. Catherine S says:

    This looks like a great trail mix. It would be a yummy snack while I am working.

  22. Sabrina says:

    We love making homemade trail mixes! My oldest would love this πŸ™‚

  23. Liz Mays says:

    This is such a cute trail mix! I’d love to try using Teddy Grahams for a snack mix.

  24. Marcie W. says:

    This recipe has some of my all time favorite trail mix ingredients. Looks like a BEARY tasty treat!

  25. Yumyum! What a treat! My boys would definitely enjoy this snack.

  26. Nickida says:

    This recipe has lots of great goodies that the kids love on their own, so I am sure they’ll love them together.

  27. Debbie Denny says:

    I like making trail mix. Yours looks so delish.

  28. We love Teddy Grahams. It’s such a good idea to make a trail mix with them. I can’t believe it’s back to school time already.

  29. What a fun snack mix. There’s something sweet and there’s something salty. My kids will love this.

  30. Angie says:

    Teddy Grahams definitely bring me back! I spied gummy bears in there too. Fun snack mix!

  31. Theresa says:

    My girls would love this! Especially with the teddy grams and gummy bears! Yum!

  32. Wow — what a big bowl of yummyness! That looks like everything good in one bowl.

  33. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This looks like a great back to school trail mix recipe. Honey Maid products make great snacks for the kids but making a trail mix looks delicious. The kids would truly love these for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Jeanine says:

    My kiddos would love this! I will have to make this for them, they love everything in it so why not! Mixing will just be so much more fun!

  35. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty says:

    I’ve always loved Teddy Grahams, especially the honey flavor. So yummy!

  36. mykidsguide says:

    What a great idea to make homemade trail mixes. This will make a great school snack for my kiddos.

  37. lisa says:

    This is a fun trail mix! We love Teddy Grahams in our house. We just tried the new birthday cake flavor and love that one too!

  38. Yum! This looks absolutely tasty and I think the hardest part for me would be saving enough for the kiddos.

  39. Ora Lee Gurr says:

    What a great recipe for family-friendly trail mix. Gummy bears and Teddy Grahams are too good to resist.

  40. This looks like a great kid snack I’d love to make this for my son! I always loved teddy grams as a child so this sounds great!

  41. Christie says:

    Teddy Grahams are always a fun snack choice! This is definitely a back to school trail mix worth eating!

  42. Kiwi says:

    OMg this looks like a fun trail mix recipe! I want this for myself!

  43. What a great snack. I like to pair the carbs with a good protein like almonds to help with the up down crash that happens from bad carbs. I’d probably remove the gummies and add the nuts. I love the mixture of the other goodies.

  44. This treat is enough to make me want to go back to school! Such a cute idea.

  45. Rosey says:

    I saw a Facebook thing that said trail mix is just a way to roadblock acccess to M&Ms and that made me laugh. πŸ™‚ All kidding aside though, I do love trail mix and this sounds really good.

  46. Ron says:

    Awesomely good! Great for kids indeed! Love this idea.

  47. ricci says:

    I love Teddy Grahams and this trail mix looks yummy!! I need to make this for my upcoming road trip!!!

  48. I haven’t had gummy bears in a while now, this is a nice treat for kids and grown ups too

  49. Candy o says:

    Adding the dummies is a great touch. I love making trail mix for the boys!

  50. Gabriel says:

    Quick, easy and delicious. Also really easy to make variations on to keep it from getting old – like chocolate and graham crackers ever would.

  51. Raijean says:

    Now this is a great idea, I’m going to need snacks for the boychild so this is perfect.

  52. Cynthia R says:

    I’m a sucker for trail mixes, I think I like them more than kids, and I love the gummy bear addition idea!

  53. Victoria says:

    This is such a great idea. I am sure that my boys would love this. I am not sure if they have tried trail mix before.

  54. Good idea, like this I can mix all healthy snack with some of my daughter’s favorite gummies, she will love it. Thanks for the idea.

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