Disconnect to Reconnect with Your Family + Twitter Party 4/23

By Shannon Gurnee
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April 23, 2014


#Disconnect2Reconnect #spon

I used to blog as a hobby, but now blogging (and social media) has become more of a career.  You’ll find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and even YouTube – not to mention my blog where I publish posts on a regular basis.  My job in social media also requires me to constantly check my emails, talk on the phone with brands and travel at times.  I used to feel bad at times for being on the computer, but now I know that when I’m on the computer and on the phone, I’m helping to support my family and pay the bills.

#Disconnect2Connect #spon

Not only am I using technology for my job, but I also use technology in my personal life.  I stay connected with my family and friends via emails, texts, phone calls and social media channels.  I also pay my bills and do my banking online – much of the time from my handy iPhone!  As you can imagine, I am almost NEVER without my phone!  My phone has become my lifeline.  I have it to help me if I get stranded in my car, need directions to someone’s house or a store, need to deposit a check or check my account balance, and even to use for personal fun (yes – I play games on my phone).  I have even let my kids play on my phone at times when they are waiting at a store or in the car to avoid boredom.

I will be honest here, I have had the bad habit of having my phone at the dinner table.  I usually keep it on vibrate in my pocket when we’re at home, but often times have it on the table when I’m at a restaurant.  It’s not that I am trying to be rude to my family or friends, but I don’t want to miss opportunities that I might miss if I’m not available all of the time.  A lot of times, I also end up taking and sharing pictures of the food I eat or locations I visit.  I have it handy and accessible almost all of the time. 

Recently, I was invited to participate as a Power of Family Meals Blog Ambassador for the J.M. Smucker Company.  I know how important it is for families to eat together and have especially made an effort for our family to eat together at the dinner table every night.  Growing up, I had two families (since my parents were divorced).  In one family, we as kids ate either at the kitchen counter or in front of the television.  The only times we would really eat together were on major holidays, such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In my other family, we always ate together at the dinner table.  We would talk about our day and enjoy good food together.  To this day, I believe it helped instill the desire I have to eat together as a family.

#spon #Disconnect2Reconnect

So, let me tell you a little about the Disconnect to Reconnect Campaign.  We all know that family dinners are much more then eating – it’s a precious time we have to connect.  However, this time can be easily hindered by technology.  That is why Power of Family Meals is proposing that families Disconnect to Reconnect. Over the next few months, I will be taking the pledge to Disconnect from my phone and Reconnect with my family at the dinner table.  I do believe this will be challenging, but I’m excited to see our family bonds grow as a result of it!

Disconnect to Reconnect is a movement to get families to unplug at the table.  Power of Family Meals is encouraging families to gather around the table for meals each Sunday without screens (phones, TV, iPad, hand-held devices).  As technology becomes more predominant in our lives with busy lifestyles often forcing in a variety of directions, meals around the table begin to offer that precious time for families to reconnect.  It will continue to become more important to set boundaries for digital detoxing, so why not start now?  Family meals are definitely a tradition worth maintaining.


#Disconnect2Reconnect #spon

Be sure to RSVP for the Twitter Party HERE.

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