Preserve Your Child’s Memories with Blinkbuggy

By Shannon Gurnee
In App Review
April 15, 2014

#Blinkbuggy #MC #sponsored

#Blinkbuggy #MC #sponsored

When my boys were little, I was really into scrapbooking.  I mean old school scrapbooking!  You know where you trim and cut the pictures with different scissors, add borders and stickers, adhere the pictures to the pages, add a sheet protector and then bind in album?  Yeah – old school scrapbooking.  In fact, my stepmom is the Family Historian and keeps our family reunion scrapbooks all up-to-date, with everyone looking forward to seeing the pictures from the previous year and the years before that!

#Blinkbuggy #MC #sponsored

While I still take lots of pictures of our kids (sometimes even with me in them), I just don’t have the time to scrapbook like that anymore.  With all the new technologies available, such as cell phones, digital cameras, and social media, it can become overwhelming rather quickly when trying to find the right way to preserve our family‘s memories.  I don’t know about you, but I need a system that’s efficient, easy-to-use and not budget-friendly.  That’s when I discovered Blinkbuggy!

#Blinkbuggy #MC #sponsored

Blinkbuggy is a newly developed storytelling platform that helps parents to capture and display all their memories in one, easy-t0-use interface.  Blinkbuggy offers the ability to:

(1) Bring together all the ways we record our memories (through photos, videos, emails, written notes, artwork, milestones, etc.) in one place.

(2) Easily share our memories, but ONLY the ones I choose to share.  I love that with Blinkbuggy, I can control my data and who can view it through simple and flexible privacy controls.

(3) I can invite others to share in the stories and contribute their own memories.

(4) Quickly tag and group all of our memories as I create them, making it easy to find the information I’m looking for whenever I want.

(5) Enjoy our memories both in the cloud and in custom printed memory books.

#Blinkbuggy #MC #sponsored

I’m so excited about Blinkbuggy and how easy it is to use.  Plus, Blinkbuggy even has a mobile app – oh yeah baby!  The app is currently available for the iPhone.  While the website serves as your hub, the app allows me to easily capture memories on-the-go and then send them back to my Blinkbuggy account.  I love that I don’t have to plug in a USB cable or take the smart card out of my digital camera to get the pics onto my computer.  I simply send them to my Blinkbuggy account and they’re there waiting for me when it comes time to create my printed memory book!

I will definitely be using Blinkbuggy in the future with lots of events coming up in our family.  I have one baby shower coming up; two of my nieces are due by the end of the summer; our kids’ birthdays; holidays; and school events and activities!  Blinkbuggy is definitely a site and app you need to check out to preserve your family‘s memories both easily and efficiently.

Plus, through April 30th, Blinkbuggy is hosting a Spring Fling Giveaway.  Anyone who registers for Blinkbuggy during the month of April will be entered to win one of three FREE 20-page Blinkbuggy Memory Books!  You should definitely check it out.

Have you discovered Blinkbuggy?  What precious moments would you use Blinkbuggy for?

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Blinkbuggy. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.



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4 Responses to “Preserve Your Child’s Memories with Blinkbuggy”

  1. Sandra VanHoey says:

    My daughter use to do as you did, all that fancy cutting with her scrapbooks. She too is now too busy, manager of a restaurant and doesn’t have the time to doing this. I have to let her know about this, she will love it.

  2. Lori says:

    I’ll stick with “old school”. I definitely share some of my pics digitally, but I’ll show my age and say it’s just not the same. Plus, the actual art of scrapbooking is my stress relief, or therapy if you will. It’s about the process, not the end result, and nobody said I have to include EVERY picture on a scrapbook page. That’s why they still make photo-only pages.

  3. how fun, I’m always feeling like I’m missing things!

  4. Sonya Morris says:

    I remember scrapbooking when my daughter was a baby. Lets just say it wasn’t pretty! This would be so much easier!

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