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By Shannon Gurnee
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March 18, 2014



Lumbar Supporting Chair and Pillow Products

Lumbar support is a sought-after treatment for most people’s back aches. The lumbar region consists of the five largest vertebrate in the spine. This region is located completely in the lower back. The physical demands of contemporary life, whether its a labor-intensive job or a sedentary occupation at a desk all day, puts pressure on the muscular-skeletal tissue that makes up the lumbar region. It is why investing in proper back support products can make a world of difference for a person’s back pain.

How Lumbar Pain Is Crippling

The lower back region is an essential portion of the body where most of the body’s force is centered, and pain in this region is a very common reason people seek professional back pain treatment. Without the lumbar region, people could not functionally move. As a result of everything from strains or sprains or lacking exercise to strengthen the region, muscular tears and aches can become severe. For many people, a lifetime of labor-based work or improper posture and lack of exercise can cause crippling pain across a person’s life and may even require constant back pain management to achieve lower back pain relief.

Lumbar Support Products

Lumbar support products are aimed to help consumers after exhaustive work on the lumbar region. The products are usually used during sleep or when at rest. This is so the products can supplement the body’s healing processes. When using these products, the lumbar region is given the support it needs to minimize pressure and to allow muscular and skeletal cells to heal or re-grow.

Sitting Products

Whether the customer is at work or wants to relax at home, lumbar products for chairs will support the lumbar vertebrates while cushioning the bones and muscle from excessive force. Many lumbar products are either placed on chairs to improve lumbar positioning or the products are ergonomically designed for sitting. Some products that are placed on chairs are backrests and seat cushions. These products are designed to be placed onto chairs and help to contour the customer’s back when they are sitting in those chairs. Customers can also purchase what are considered ergonomic chairs to sit in. Ergonomics is the science of proper posturing and ergonomic chairs are designed so the sitter can comfortably sit as their lumbar region is supported.

Sleeping Products

In terms of the sleep products, consumers will purchase what appears to be wedge-shaped pillows that are placed on their beds. When lying down on the product, the pillows elevate the lumbar region into proper position without straining hurt muscle tissue. If a customer is more of a side sleeper, the best memory foam pillow for side sleepers is available. These pillows fit between a customer’s legs when they side sleep. The position and shape of this pillow helps to elevate the back into a proper position for the lumbar region.

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