Visit Visalia: Bravo Farms Cheese & Wine Tasting

By Shannon Gurnee
In California
October 13, 2013

Visalia Trip Disclosure

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As many of you know, I love to travel!  Whether it’s international, in the U.S. or even in the beautiful state in which I live – California.  I was recently invited to attend a FAM Media Trip to Visalia, California and was excited because I had heard the name of the city before, but never visited.  Our first stop was Bravo Farms.

Bravo Farms Visalia Wine and Cheese Tasting


Bravo Farms Cheese Tasting Visalia 7

Bravo Farms Cheese Tasting Visalia 1

I had a lot of fun at Bravo Farms!  At Bravo Farms, you can taste the valley the way the locals do.  There is wine and cheese tasting, a multi-story tree house, goodies in the Shoppe, games and more.  There is even a friendly cockatoo on site – and he might even say “hi” back to you!  On select days, cheese making is available to view.  Even if the cheese is not being made and packaged, you can still view the area where the cheese is prepared.

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Bravo Farms Cheese Tasting Visalia 3

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In addition to tasting cheese, we had a chance to tour the refrigeration section where they store and age the cheese!   My favorite was the aged cheese.  It had an almost smoked and nutty taste.  Oh my gosh, it was so good!  I couldn’t believe how many different varieties of cheese were made and were available for sale at Bravo Farms in Visalia, California.

Bravo Farms Visalia Tree House

After touring the refrigeration and storage section, we walked outside and saw something I’d never seen before – a Seven Story Tree House.  You can walk through the Tree House for 25 cents admission.  Plus, did you know that the Guiness Book of World Records lists this as the Tallest Real Tree House?  If you climb all the way to the top, you can even sign your name and prove you did it – kids love it!!!

Bravo Farms Visalia Vintage 1

Bravo Farms Visalia Vintage 2

Surrounding the Tree House is a variety of vintage items.  I especially loved this!  There were vintage bikes, coke bottles, and even signs!

Bravo Farms Visalia Animals 1

As you walk around, you’ll also notice a Petting Zoo.  The Petting Zoo includes 2 Mini Donkeys (Snowflake and Pumpkin), 7 Laying Hens, 6 Flying Rats (Pigeons), 5 Mini Chickens, 4 Fluffy Rabbits, 3 Sheep and Goats, 2 Wild Turkeys, and Pancho (the Military Macaw).  For 25 cents, you can even get a handful of grain to feed them.

Bravo Farms Visalia 7

Another fun section of Bravo Farms is the Shooting Gallery.  It had a talking truck that kind of reminded me of Mater from Disney Pixar’s Cars.  The Shooting Gallery is one of the most advanced Interactive Unbelievably Fun shootin’ galleries on earth…Talking Tow Truck (Mater-like)!!  It’s fun for all ages.

Bravo Farms Restaurant 1

Bravo Farms Restaurant 2

Bravo Farms Cafe 99 2

Bravo Farms Cafe 99 3

Bravo Farms also has an Ice Cream Shoppe, which specializes in date shakes, as well as coffee/lattes/espressos; Miniature Golf; and a Fruit Stand.  After walking around, it was time to eat at Cafe 99!  We started with Fried Mozzarella Sticks – oh my gosh!  Then it was time for the entrees.  I ordered a French Dip (that was almost like a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich and French Dip combined).  Some of the other entrees ordered included a Taco Salad (complete in a tostada) and a Steak Salad.  I had bites of each and they were delicious.  Oh and their homemade Iced Tea is a drink you definitely want to order when you visit!

Bravo Farms Visalia Store 1

Bravo Farms Visalia Store 2

Bravo Farms Visalia Store 3

Bravo Farms Visalia Store 4

Bravo Farms Visalia Store 5

Bravo Farms Visalia Store 6

Bravo Farms Shoppe 4

After eating,  we browsed the Shoppe, which had an assortment of different foods and other items.  I had so much fun looking at all the different products, as well as watching the excited customers around me pick out their treasures!

Have you been to Bravo Farms in Visalia before?  What is the first thing you would do?



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  1. I’m able to follow your travels to different places and I’m always so jealous (in a good way of course LOL) at what you’re able to do! Hopefully one day that can be me as well 🙂

    This place sounds like a lot of fun! That tree house is pretty incredible in and of itself!

  2. Samantha says:

    This place looks amazing!

  3. Shannon Gosney says:

    Kayla – thanks so much for following along. You are doing an amazing job on your blog and I bet you’ll be traveling in no time! 🙂

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