Meeting with Jodi Benson – the Voice of Ariel in “The Little Mermaid”

By Shannon Gurnee
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September 25, 2013

Disney Disclosure

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Growing up, The Little Mermaid was absolutely one of my favorite movies to watch…and sing along to!  So when I attended an event hosted by the Disney team, I was super excited to meet Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel.  That’s right, I had the opportunity to join other bloggers in a round table interview with Jodi Benson.  She was just as amazing as I imagined.

At the request of one of the bloggers, Jodi even sang part of the song, “Part of Your World.”  As she was singing, I visualized the redhead mermaid princess in the Disney movie.  It was surreal!  Check out this video from mooshinindy.

During the round table interview, Jodi told us that singing was a huge a part of her life and her family’s life.  She mentioned that she and her husband will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary this coming May.  Jodi and her husband actually sing a lot together and are even sang at a concert in Maine together.  She talked about how she was going to have him and her kids perform with her on stage – a little family concert at a private home.

One of the bloggers asked Jodi if she sang any of The Little Mermaid songs to her children.  Jodi said that she would sing her children to sleep mostly with praise songs from church.  Her son didn’t really want her to sing Ariel because that meant to him that mommy was working and he just wanted “mommy for mommy.”

Jodi Benson Voice of Ariel

Another blogger asked Jodi what advice she would recommend giving a little girl who likes singing as she got started and wanted to go professionally with singing.  Jodi recommended that any child who has a passion for singing should sing wherever they can – whether it’s at home, at church, or in their community.  The more they do it, the more they can figure out if singing is what they really love to do. 

Jodi was also asked what the benefits were of being one of the Disney Princesses.  Jodi said, “It’s amazing….it’s kind of hard for me to…grasp the impact of portraying a character that’s going to live long past you.  It’s kind of overwhelming, not in a bad way.  So when I really stop and focus on it…it takes my breath away to think the experiences I’ve had and just this amazing opportunity.  So grateful is the word that I pretty much come up with whenever I stop contemplate it.  Walking through an airport and seeing a little girl in a t-shirt and seeing the dolls in someone’s hand, or going to the pool and seeing a little girl in her Ariel swimsuit and swimming with her doll…and I just get caught up in what an amazingly heavenly gift that I’m able to be part a part of it.”

It was an awesome experience overall meeting with Jodi and hearing her sing.  Plus, to get a glimpse and to become a “part of her world.”  A big thanks to the Disney team for this awesome opportunity!  Remember, you can own your copy of The Little Mermaid on DVD on October 1st, 2013.

What was your favorite scene or song in “The Little Mermaid?”  Do you have a favorite Disney Princess? 

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5 Responses to “Meeting with Jodi Benson – the Voice of Ariel in “The Little Mermaid””

  1. ellen beck says:

    Very interesting- I especially like the comment that when shee sings her son wants her to sing praise songs and nothing from work!

  2. Julie Wood says:

    I liked reading and finding out who the voice of Ariel in the Little Mermaid. I just love this movie and it is awesome that Jodi sang some of the song. I bet it was a thrill to meet her and see the face behind the movie!

  3. Now that’s one incredible opportunity you and all the other bloggers were able to enjoy! All I can say is that’s quite a memorable moment; The Little Mermaid is definitely one of the iconic films of history πŸ™‚

    I’d have to say my favorite Disney princess is Mulan! She’s feisty, driven, and independent despite what her culture wants her to be!

  4. What a fun opportunity to meet the voice behind Ariel. This movie came out when my daughter was little and we loved watching it.

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