Keep the Road Safer and Don’t Text While Driving! #ItCanWait

By Shannon Gurnee
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September 1, 2013

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This summer, I had an amazing experience participating in the AT&T “It Can Wait” blogger campaign.  One of the things I love about social media is the opportunity to spread the word and encourage participation in programs or causes I feel are important and that affect the well-being of those in my family and community.  The AT&T “It Can Wait” Campaign is one of the awesome causes!

We recently learned about how a family was changed forever from a text saying, “I Love You.”  Who would have known that one simple sentence would change a family’s life forever, leaving them behind childless?  That is why it is so important to take the “It Can Wait” Pledge and encourage others around you to do so as well.  

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Here are a few tips to help you stay true to your pledge and get the word out about the dangers of texting and driving:

Place an “It Can Wait” hand sticker on your car – This will act as a reminder to others on the road and will remind you to be a good example as well.

Download the AT&T DriveMode App and Verizon’s Safely Go App – These mobile apps automatically reply to your incoming texts while you’re on the road to let people know you’ll get back to them later.

Assign a Designated Trailer – When you’re on the road with friends and family.  They can respond to incoming texts for you or respond with #itcanwait

Picking up the cell

Out of sight, out of mind.  Put your phone on silent mode or in a place you can’t reach it.  No phone.  No texts.

Create a music playlist to rock out or sing along to in the car.  It’s way safer than texting while driving – and more fun.

Call, don’t text!  If you need to tell someone you’re running late while driving, use the approved Bluetooth feature in your car to make the call safely instead.

Speak up!  If you see a friend or family member texting and driving, tell them it’s not ok and ask them to stop.

How will you join in and spread the word about the “It Can Wait” Movement?

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3 Responses to “Keep the Road Safer and Don’t Text While Driving! #ItCanWait”

  1. I refuse to text and drive because it is simply unsafe, I respect my life and the life of others too much to do it.

  2. ellen beck says:

    I truly don’t even like phone calls when driving. It only takes a second of distracted driving to create a forever of regrets.
    This is a great program and I stand behind it 100%!

  3. Jennifer Young says:

    I never text and drive! My husband used to it and it would upset me every time. However, one of his friends died this summer when a driver in another vehicle was texting and driving and my husband now swears that he will never text and drive again. It shouldn’t take so many peoples lives being taken away for people to realize that it needs to stop. 🙁

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