4 Tips on How to Iron Men’s Clothing

By Shannon Gurnee
In Fashion
August 8, 2013


Young Man Ironing

Many men underestimate the importance of having properly ironed clothes. Wrinkly men’s designer quarter zip sweaters or ruffled pair of pants could surely make a bad first impression. It could be a key factor in whether someone gets that job promotion that they have been eyeing for months. Here are some tips for ironing mens clothing.

Necessary equipment

To effectively iron clothes, all of the essential equipment needs to be on hand. For starters, a man needs to have a quality steam iron. Although some people opt to iron their clothes on tables, it does not always produce the best results. Purchasing a sturdy ironing board is always the best choice. A piece of white cloth will also come in handy for ironing over delicate materials.

Set the iron at the correct temperature

One should always find out the type of material that the clothing is made from before beginning the ironing process. After setting the correct temperature for the material, the iron should be allowed to warm up accordingly.

Begin ironing

When ironing, the iron should always be kept in motion. Leaving the iron in one area for too long can cause the clothes to become damaged. The key is to use light pressure without digging into the article of clothing. Any wrinkly areas will need to be redone.

Hang clothing

The last step in the ironing process is to hang the clothing on racks. This will keep the clothes fresh and ready to wear.

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5 Responses to “4 Tips on How to Iron Men’s Clothing”

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  2. Katherine says:

    I think I will have to send this to my son who is at uni! He is always bringing his clothes home for me to iron as he is scared he will burn them! Every friday night I get a sack of mens clothing to be ironed over the weekend. Hopefully he will read this and start to do his own ironing!!!

  3. Jennifer Young says:

    Funny story- I received an iron for my wedding shower and NEVER used it for years. My husband needed his suit ironed for a job interview and I had to have his mom come over and show me how to use it, lol. It was kind of embarrassing. I really do like the look of ironed clothes though and have since started doing it a little more often.

  4. Nancy says:

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